Lamelo Ball is this years Grind Session MVP to the surprise of no one. This award is given to the best player in all of the Grind Session, and Lamelo Ball thoroughly deserves this award.

Lamelo Ball took the Grind Session by storm after he returned to high school in early November, and all season dominated the competition in a way that we have not seen at the high school level since LeBron James. At Spire, Lamelo has been able to evolve his game to a point where he can score, rebound, and pass at a higher level than anyone else at his position in the whole country. It is no exaggeration that Lamelo is the best high school basketball player in the country.

Spire Academy were able to lose just one game all season because of the leadership that Lamelo displayed for them. In the Grind Session, Lamelo led Spire using his generational passing and scoring and now have Spire just two games away from winning the Grind Session championship.

How Lamelo Ball has Become a Great Leader

Other notable awards for Spire players include Grind Session all 1st team for Lamelo Ball, All second team for Myron Gardner and Isaiah Jackson, and All third team for Rocket Watts.

Not only did players from Spire get their deserved awards, but Spire Academy coach Jermaine Jackson was granted the honor of Grind Session coach of the year for his efforts at the helm of the powerhouse Spire team. None of Spire’s success this season could be possible without the right coach, Jackson has proved that he was the right man for the job and is capable of leading Spire Academy to many winning seasons.

Spire Academy’s work this season is not done this season though, with the Grind Session championship coming to a conclusion on March 10th, can they come out with a championship as well?

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  1. My congratulations to “The Baby Faced Assassin” Lamelo Ball on winning the Grind Session MVP!

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