The rosters have been announced for the Big Baller Brand All American game on March 31st, headlined by five top 50 recruits including Jaden McDaniels and Lamelo Ball. This game s sure to receive a large amount of hype due to all of the top recruits playing, here we will highlight the top players for both the east and west teams.

Jaden McDaniels

Jaden McDaniels is a 6’9″ combo forward who is mocked as a top 5 pick in 2020 by multiple websites, he has the ability to drive to the basket and score and is a capable ball handler despite being a bigger player. He is the headliner of this game aside from Lamelo Ball because he is so highly ranked and was convinced this game could be good for his career. McDaniels is one of a few names that puts this game in such a high class, he is a player you want to see play.

Lamelo Ball

Lamelo Ball is always a draw, especially at events that are sponsored by BBB, and the All American game will be no different. Lamelo has all of the tools that a top player needs and he will get an opportunity to display them against some of the top players in the entire country. This is yet another stage where Lamelo can prove his dominance at the high school stage, can he do it?

Rocket Watts

Stats: 25.4 PPG, 5.9 APG, 5.4 RPG

Rocket Watts is a combo guard known for his speed, similarly to John Wall and De’Aaron Fox, he is a 4 star recruit and is committed to Michigan State. Watts is a co-star to Lamelo Ball at Spire and should be during the All American game as well, he is truly the perfect Robin to Lamelo’s batman. We should expect to see Rocket Watts controlling the ball and scoring a lot in this game. He will be showing up against some of the best competition he has ever played against, this is a big chance for Rocket Watts.

Romeo Weems

Romeo Weems is a Small Forward playing for New Havan and what he does is get to the hoop, he is one of the best slashers in the country. Weems may see a smaller role in this game because of all the talent around him, but he will be able to show how useful a player he will be in college not just as a star, but as a role player. As a top 50 recruit Weems is one of the best players being featured in the BBB All American game.

Jahmius Ramsey

Jahmius Ramsey is a top 50 ranked Point Guard committed to Texas Tech, and is yet another top player to feature in the BBB All American game. He is a great ball handler and at 6’4″ has the size and tools to play either guard spot. He must improve as a 3 point shooter and will certainly be tested in such a big stage, but he is one of the top players we will see in this game.

No matter how this game goes, it will be a great show provided by BBB. Some of the top high school basketball players in the entire country will be featuring, so be sure not to miss the spectacle on March 31st.

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