I have serious doubts the Lakers Trade multiple players; of their young core in an attempt to secure Anthony Davis. The Lakers draft pick may end up being worth enough to help orchestrate a trade without Lonzo or Ingram involved. But given Ingram’s growth and Lonzo’s clear need on defense and to win games the Lakers would be foolish to trade away two 21 year old players who are finally looking like they are ready to take that next strap this offseason. Do the Lakers really want to see Lonzo or Ingram go on to flourish elsewhere? The pressure trading away these young players for one star puts on the franchise and Lebron to win will be even greater. There is already clear pressure; but if you trade away the Lakers future than that pressure Doubles.

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I already went on record prior to the All-Star Break saying if the Lakers young core wasn’t traded by the All-Star break they wouldn’t be traded. I knew they’d try to go all in for Davis, because now with even less time on his deal and more time for their young players to grow it makes even less sense for LA to give up those pieces. This however does become leaps and bounds easier for management if they sign another star first, if that happens then you could see them be more willing to pull the trigger if they had some variation of LBJ, AD, and insert your choice for third star here.

However, it doesn’t seem likely that free agents will be lining up to come join the Lakers. So unless management panics I don’t expect the lakers to Trade For Davis Unless they get him at a very good price; such as Kuzma, 2019 Draft Pick and Cap Filler. Anything beyond a 1-for-1 Trade I’m out on the Lakers moving multiple of these young players. They have a top record in the league when everyone is healthy, when they take someone out of the equation their W/L ratio drops dramatically.

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