We haven’t seen Liangelo Ball play basketball since the conclusion of the JBA USA tour in which he experienced many ups and downs, a while ago we asked the question of where he will play next, but at this point the question might just be when.

What’s Next For Liangelo Ball?

Other than appearing at some of Lamelo’s games and seeing him on the hit reality show Ball in the Family, Liangelo has been very quiet in recent weeks and months, we have barely even seen him shoot a basketball, let alone play in a game, so what is the issue for Gelo, is he done playing or is he just waiting for the right opportunity?

Liangelo Ball has been famous for a long time, for being the younger brother of NBA star Lonzo Ball, and for his knack of scoring the basketball. But since the last time hes played we have heard no news on where and when he could play again. Here we will discuss why Liangelo should keep playing and what he should do next.

Why Liangelo Should Keep Playing

The reason Gelo should keep playing basketball is simple, because he is good and he loves the game. Out of all 3 brothers Gelo has always seemed to be the most responsible and hard working, and keeps Lamelo in check as well. That can be said on the court as well, Gelo is an option that Lamelo can always count on, which is why when Lamelo gets to the NBA, he will need Gelo to help guide him through the league.

Even if as just a scorer off the bench, Liangelo can provide an NBA team with much needed shooting as well as a level head in the locker room, not to mention the media coverage his team will inevitably get. He would be an asset to any NBA team, but he has to keep playing to prove that.

What He Should Do Next

Gelo needs to find an international team, hopefully a Euro-league team, that needs a player that can flat out score, he has proven himself in Europe and needs to get back in that groove again. He can’t have another 3 month period where he doesn’t play any basketball, or his dream is dead.

The choice really is his, keep playing for a chance at his life long dream, or become a spokesperson for his family’s upcoming company, Big Baller Brand. What do you think Gelo should do, let us know in the comments!

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