Jason Kidd

Career Record: (183-190) 49.1%
This is a name we hear get thrown out very often and from his career Record alone, I can’t imagine how he is an upgrade over Luke Walton and will be of any help in coaching Lebron James. Now if the Lakers wants to further develop Lonzo and Ingram and thinks Kidd is the man for the job than by all means pull the trigger, he was a favorite of Giannis during his time wit Milwaukee dispute the franchise letting firing him.

Tom Thibodeau

Career Record: (352-246) 58.8%
The Lakers wanted to play gritty defense this season in an attempt to combat Golden State, they were doing so for a large portion before Lonzo went down and now they can’t defend anyone. If they still want to go a similar route, Thibs is an obvious choice as a defensive minded head coach. But having just been let go by Minnesota after a game against the Lakers I’m not sure how much consideration he should be given.

Mark Jackson

Career Record:(121-109) 52.6%
This name has been thrown around the most often and also has ties to Golden State having drafted and assembled most of that roster prior to Kerr taking over. His tenure in Golden State, was on its way up before he was let go and he hasn’t coached since after a 51-31 final season. He’d be great possible coach for the Lakers, but Lebron is more likely to want some familiarity. Given the Lakers are committed to Lebron the next 4 years they will likely have to bow to Lebron’s will this off-season, especially if they miss the playoffs.

Erik Spoelstra

Career Record: (512-354) 59.1%
This would be the clear cut number one option but given I doubt the Heat let him out of their grasp, he won’t be available for the Lakers to get. But obviously seeing him with an older Lebron, Lonzo and Ingram would be too good to be true. This is all but a fantasy option I’m afraid, but if it was possible Spoelstra is one of the best coaches in the entire NBA and has a long history with Lebron James and winning both with and without Lebron at the helm.

Tyron Lue

Career Record: (128-83) 60.7%
Ty Lue has the best Win% out of all the head coaching candidates, has won an NBA title with Lebron James and is rumored to be who Lebron and his camp desire to be the next coach. This just seems like the most likely name we will see coaching the Lakers next season if we had to take a guess. Hopefully he will be able to coach and develop Lonzo, and Ingram; because we’d hate to think the Lakers are making moves without consider their future and present. Unless Kyrie and AD end up Lakers I just don’t see how the Lakers become favorites enough for LA to think they can beat GSW.

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