Horrible Record

Luke Walton’s Record (91-136) 40.1%
Luke Walton W/Out Lonzo (42-87) 32.5%
Luke Walton With Lonzo (49-49) 50.0%
Luke Walton With Lebron (24-21) 53.3

As you can see Luke Walton barely has a respectable record when you add in two very talented and high IQ players. When you take those players away his win percentage drops dramatically. This just frankly shouldn’t be allowed to go on another moment and even if you want to give him a pass for injuries this season and last we’ve got 9 other reasons lauded out for you.


Luke Walton has had no resemblance of a rotation all season long, and while he has had to deal with injuries; this problem dates back to his coaching and handling of Randle and Lonzo last season. He has even had multiple questionable lineups decisions on the season including playing a lineup of
in a game they needed to win in order to start making a playoff push. This is something I can point to countless times throughout the year including when he decided to start centers alongside Lonzo and Ingram virtually killing any chance of having spacing. Or last night when he decides to stay small against Ayton and the Suns even though that clearly wasn’t going to end well. I could also bring up the fact he hasn’t figured out how to stagger his starters Minutes in a game yet.

Out of Bounds Plays

We’ve seen this countless times over the last few games alone where after a crucial run by the other team; the Lakers will take a timeout only to either turn the ball over or get a mediocre shot attempt out of the timeout. It leaves you scratching your head, at what Luke could possibly be drawing up in that huddle.

Offense/Defense Schemes

The team has lacked any offensive scheme much of the year, they seem to be a team of full of shot creators and iso players taking turns driving to the rim or shooting 3-pointers. I wasn’t a fan of the way Lonzo was being used but at least when he was in the game I saw some back side activity and screens being set, the offense while scoring the ball at a decent clip just can’t seem to outscore and outrun their opponents who are putting up big time numbers against the Lakers. The Lakers are losing by 9.8 Points Per Game since Lonzo Ball got injured, and they went from an elite defense to the WORST Defense in the NBA. I have to blame Luke Walton for not being able to get his his team to recover defensively after only losing one man.

Lebron Doesn’t Want Him

This is an easy one, Lebron’s camp doesn’t want him. You signed the biggest star in the planet and you didn’t want to get rid of your coach for him? Well that sure worked out well for the Lakers huh? This is mostly on Jeanie Buss, as you’ll see with the reasons below.

Lavar/Lonzo Dont want him

Even if you don’t want to bow to Lebron and Fire the coach, the future of your franchise doesn’t want him either. I’d also have to assume the rest of the Lakers team and young core feel similar about Luke Walton’s coaching. So if your best young players and SUPER STAR don’t want him as the coach surely the management does right?

Management didn’t hire him

While they have stuck by Luke, I believe this is mostly due to Jeanie Buss. They didn’t hire Luke Walton, nor do the stars and players they’ve drafted. He’s been a ticking time bomb since day one and it’s a shame the Lakers made him coach the whole year like this.

He’s lost the team

This might be an overstatement, you can’t lose what you’ve never had. I doubt Luke Walton has ever had this team believing in him, and now the team seems to have no direction or heart. Luke Walton doesn’t exactly seem like the motivator of men, or even the rare basketball mind you need to coach this team.

Playoffs are virtually impossible

A Lebron James led team has a better shot at the number pick than the playoffs and they still have the coach employed? That is laughable in its own right, the Cavs were doing just fine and they dropped David Blatt like hot garage when the king spoke. What is taking the Lakers so long

Why Wait?

It’s clear Luke Walton won’t be the coach for another season, so why not put him out of his misery? The Lakers should allows Brian Shaw to finish out the year as head coach and if they don’t like what they see, start looking elsewhere for this offseason. But the Lakers already know they don’t have their coach of now or the future so why wait another day?

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