In recent weeks it has become abundantly clear that the Lakers need to stop playing older players who have lost a step or two, and trust in the young stars on their team. the Lakers are just 5-11 since Lonzo Ball went out with an injury in January, and in large part this has been because they refuse to allow their young stars the time to assert themselves into every game. Its not just Lonzo who the Lakers miss and need to utilize though, Brandon Ingram has finally come out of his shell in recent weeks.

If Luke Walton was to fully utilize a healthy Lonzo, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and even Josh Hart, and give them the minutes they deserve, then the Lakers could be in much better shape. The fact is, some of the veteran additions the Lakers made over the summer have not lived up to the hype, and the stats back that up. Lonzo Ball has been significantly better than Rajon Rondo on the defensive end of the floor, and as an exceptional play maker, had the potential to outplay him on the offensive floor as well.

In the simplest of terms, Luke Walton needs to make a change, the young players the Lakers possess are very talented and if Walton isn’t able to utilize that talent, then he has to go. Luke Walton is a good coach, he was able to bring the Warriors to a 28-0 start, and won 37 games with Lakers last year, he can make the playoffs with this team, he has the tools, all he has to do is use the young talent he has.

Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo, and Javale McGee are good basketball players, but at this stage in their careers, they should be on the bench more than they are on the court. The Lakers need to do the right thing, and believe in the players they have drafted and make them stars.



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