It’s been a hard 6 years since Fergie left, 3 managers, plenty of over hyped league campaigns and empty promises have led the fans to feel angst against against the club. In real life Norwegian manager and ex United front man Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has the club flying and the mood around Old Trafford buzzing once more, but in this case, it’s up to you.

Welcome to Manchester United, we believe that you are the right choice to lead the club to a new era. The board will set 4 levels of goals for you to achieve at Manchester United .

First Season Goals

Your goals for the first season are what we believe to be reachable targets, in the league, as well as targets for our players.

The team goals for the first season are:

• Compete in the Premier league and finish in a champions league qualification spot

• Make it to the final and win the Carabao cup

• Make it to the semi final of the FA cup

• Make it to the quarter final of the Champions league

We also have some goals for players and transfers for the first season

• We would like it for one of Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial or Romelu Lukaku to be top 3 in scoring in the Premier League

• We also need to flex our financial muscle a little bit, spend over 100m on a player in the first transfer window

Second Season Goals

In the second season we would like to get more serious about our priorities here at Manchester United.

If you finish below Manchester City the challenge is over and you are fired

• We need to get back to our old ways, 2 of your players in each match must be under the age of 22

• The youth academy must produce for the club, over the course of the challenge (starting this season) you must grow 3 players over the rating of a 90 from our academyl

Long term goals

• We need to retake our dominance in the league, between your third and tenth season at the club we would like a total of 5 premier leagues

• True glory needs to return to the club, we would like 3 FA cup and Premier league doubles

• Furthering that glory we would like 1 treble of the FA cup, Premier league and the Champions league

Additional bonus goals

• Set the Premier League scoring record and have one of our lads score 33+ goals in a single season

• Score 6 or more hat tricks with a player in a single league campaign, a new record, the fans will love this one

• Break Manchester City’s record and score 107+ goals in a league campaign

• Win all of your home games in a single season
• Break the FA cup record and win 6 or more trophies in a row
• Break the record and win 23 FA cup games in a row
• Have the first player to ever score 20 or more goals in a FA Cup campaign
• Finish one more unbeaten Champions League run, this will be a record of 3 by a club
• Become the first team in England to complete the quadruple. Win the Premier League, Carabao Cup, FA Cup, and the Champions League

These are your goals, we hope you are up to the challange and will bring many years of success to the club.

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