Big Baller Brand have announced that they will be hosting their very own all American game on March 31st in Las Vegas, and with Lamelo Ball not being named to the McDonald’s all American game, this is great news for Melo and others who could get a chance to play. Who Lavar and Big Baller Brand plan to have play in this game is currently unknown, they will be hoping to get the top players in the country like Cole Anthony, Anthony Edwards, RJ Hampton, and Josh Christopher but may not be able to convince them to play. However, top class players that Lamelo has played against this season could be the perfect candidates to join the game. For example, Zion Harmon and Julian Newman, who are both division 1 college players at the very least, could be very likely to appear on the games roster. We could even see a big name like Zaire Wade in the game, given he is friends with Lamelo.

With the game just over a month away, news will surely break through about what stars could appear in the game, and who Lamelo could be facing up against. Let us know who you want to see in this iconic BBB all American game in the comments!

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