Well looks like we lost the chance to see yet another high profile game and matchup. Lamelo has an opportunity to play against Cole Anthony and Oak Hill in January, as well as La Lumeire, then we saw a few more schools drop Lamelo and Spire off their schedule.

Then we all got our hopes again as Teays Valley upsets Oak Hill and becomes a top 25 team in the country, only to then drop their game against Spire and Lamelo Ball voting “Both Teams Decided to Focus on the ACT”. However, the same day Spire was set to play Teays they played a contest against another opponent, likely meaning they weren’t the ones “focusing on the ACT”.

Now here we go again, this time the circumstances even more unclear than before. All we know is there will be no game against Lamelo and Anthony Edwards.


This puts an end Spires regular season and in total they had 5 Top Programs and Schools cancel games that should have been.

This season Spire should have played


La Lumeire

Oak Hill

Teays Valley

Holy Spirit

Instead we will get none of these games this year, and frankly I want answers. How can the 5 Best Games and Teams of the year all cancel Vs. Spire and Lamelo Ball. All I hear is excuses and it isn’t fair to fans or players to not give them that national spotlight. This was a shame.


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