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JBA (16 Years Old)

Growth: This was Lamelo’s first time on his own where he was given the keys to an entire team, and franchise. Not only did he deliver with a JBA MVP, while averaging a 40 point Triple Double, but he showed a growing ability to affect all aspects of the game. He did however start the season off (2-2) until Liangelo Ball joined the team to give him Los Angeles some extra juice. This instantly sparked something different in Lamelo as he instantly became a more willing passer.

Competition: The competition of this league has been long over looked, but if you look at the Turnovers, FG% and Steals Lamelo has averaged in the JBA compared to other leagues you’d see players were actually much better at defending Lamelo in this league. Shooting his worst percentages to go along with high turnovers and low steals shows he didn’t dominate the JBA across the board the way he has since. He was also on 16 Years Old going up against 18-19-20 Year Old men.


USA (17 Years Old)

Growth: On the JBA USA tour, Lamelo was able to go from being considered mainly a go to scorer, to. player that gets his teammates involved before else. Not to say he lost his scoring ability, because he shot the basketball with much more efficiency on the international tour than in the JBA, but he chose to defer to his teammates just as Lonzo does, and during the tour is when he truly became a play maker of the highest quality.

Competition: During the JBA USA tour, Lamelo Ball faced high quality professionals all across Europe. Lamelo was able to increase his shooting %, defense, and turnovers against these pros as compared to his time in the JBA, against seasoned veterans. The difference between the JBA competition and the JBA USA competition is that while the JBA USA opponents had more experience, the JBA players were much more athletic, which gave Lamelo the ability to see both.



SPIRE (17 Years Old)

Growth: At Spire, Lamelo has been able to improve on his defense and efficiency, his time at Spire has proven to be successful because Lamelo has found the smooth shooting stroke he is known for, and is hitting his shots consistently. Not only that though, Lamelo has improved as a defender, it may not look it just watching him play, but Lamelo is constantly able to disrupt offenses and get the ball back for Spire, and this experience will be useful when he gets to the NBA.

Competition: Spire have played many top high school teams from around the country, giving Lamelo the chance to play against his peers, other NBA hopefuls. This experience has been useful mainly because the scouts now have to recognize that Lamelo is head and shoulders above his peers.


Top 5 Performances

5. 92 Points at Chino Hills

Weve all heard about Lamelo Ball’s stellar performance that esentially put Lavar, Lonzo, and Lamelo even further on the map as the ESPN and Social Media coverage started ramping up. Lamelo did do a lot of cherry picking in this game, but 92 points is still 92 points, and the other team did not want him in o continue to score.

4. Lamelo Scores 41 Points at Spire

Lamelo dominates with ease, and while he may have had better performances; prior to this game many were talking about how underwhelming Lamelo had been or how he hadn’t dominated as much as expected. When in reality Lamelo has taken all of his criticism and transformed into the leader, player, and assassin on the basketball court that we see before us today.


3.  Lamelo Scores 48 Points 24 Rebounds and 12 Assists Vs. Undefeated Atlanta Ballers (6-0)

Atlanta was taking the JBA by storm, having been hand selected by Lonzo Ball himself the team was disrupting the rest of the league; leading in Steals, 3-Pointers, and FG%, heading into their game against Los Angeles. From the jump it was clear as good Jordan Ray and Nigel Chaney were that Lamelo and Liangelo were head and shoulders above Atlanta that day. This was one of Lamelo’s most eye popping stat lines of his young career thus far, and it came in a win in Dallas in front of Ezekiel Elliot and Aqib Talib.



2. Lamelo Ball Vs. Zion Harmon 

Lamelo returned to High School, and despite being back in the states and playing D1 athletes virtually every game, fans still question the talent level of who he was playing against. Insert Zion Harmon and Bella Vista, who has a very good team and Lamelo put together one of his most dominate performances in High School since Returning.

Both Blocks on Zion Harmon*


1. JBA Semi Finals LAB Vs. NYB (127-124)

Stats: 55-16-7 (19-38)

Lamelo Leads LA to a narrow victory while scoring 55 Points on (19-38) FG, to go with 16 Rebounds and 7 Assists. All of this in a game in which Liangelo Ball shot (6-33) from the field, with the game on the Line Lamelo not only delivered but put together the most impressive win and performance of his career.



1. JBA 6.5 Turnovers

2. JBA USA 4.0 Turnovers

3. SPIRE 1.6 Turnovers

As you can see the Turnovers make a clear drop as Lamelo matured and grows as a leader and anpoint guard.



Defense Stats

1. JBA USA 5.2 STL

2. SPIRE 3.7 STL

3. JBA 3.6 STL


Per 48 Minute Stats

1. JBA USA 6.5 Steals

2. SPIRE 5.6 Steals

3. JBA 3.6 Steals

As you can see on Defense if you take into account that he played way more minutes during his JBA stint, Lamelo has actually vastly improved as a defender, and play maker. He’s also been much younger than Virtually EVERY Single Player He’s taken the Court against.



1. SPIRE  55% FG, 38% 3P

2. JBA USA 49% FG, 26% 3P

3. JBA 43% FG, 23% 3P

Lamelo improved his decision making and lowered his shot attempts as he grew older and matured. An important thing to Not is Lamelo shot 35% in HS from 3 at Chino Hills. Went to JBA which is NBA 3 and shot 23%, from NBA Range. After this he went too JBA USA and the 3-Point line got shorter. Now at Spire and back on a High School 3-Point Line Lamelo is shooing 38% from 3-point land. Which isn’t great but given how much attention he has and the length of attempts he launches at times he may actually be a better shooter than the numbers suggest.


Lamelo Ball Per 48 Minute Stats



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