Tina Ball, who played basketball for the Cal State Los Angeles Golden Eagles women’s basketball team where she Eventually met Lavar may be getting her own Signature Shoe.

A few years ago right as eveything seemed to be going perfect for the Ball Family, Tina had tragedy strike and has been an inspiration to women, athletes, and many other fans whom connect with the mother of the Ball Family.

Now as she battles back from a severe stroke that took her ability to walk and communicate effectively, she’s been fighting her way back to full health, And now as she continues to get healthier we saw in Season 4 Episode 12 Of Ball in the Family that she said she wanted to have her own shoe. Now Lady Baller Brand will Get their own shoe inspired and designed by Tina Ball.

This is a move I’ve long been waiting for fro the Ball Family, and thought she’s the perfect candidate to have her own shoe In their women’s division.


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