According to the latest episode of Ball in the Family, Big Baller Brand is planning on restocking the MB1 and Zo2 as the shoes have nearly Sold Out Of Multiple Color Ways and Sizes.

They also went on to note that they’d need new models and merchandise to keep up with demand of both the Zo2 and MB1 footwear and merchandise.

Big Baller Brand also announced the revival of their women’s line, seeing them introduce leggings, and other women’s sports clothing. Big Baller Brand is making waves with their apparel line and footwear as they’ve made nearly 95,000 Online Sales alone. We estimate Big Baller Brand has made anywhere from 19-30 Million Dollars off their Brand.

These may even be conservative numbers given their shoe sales, BBB Water, and pop up shops.

2019 will be exciting for Big Baller Brand as fans still await the second model of the MB1.

The Lady Baller Brand will Have Big things in store in 2019 as well, as Tina Ball is set to get her very own Signature Shoe.

Tina Ball to get Her Own Lady Baller Brand Shoe!!

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