Lamelo Ball and Spire just came off a dominating performance against Hillcrest Prep South, their second win over them this year. With Spire having went to Arizona now multiple times, without giving everyone the Lamelo Ball-Kyree Walker matchup.

The first time Hillcrest Prep Played Spire, we believed it to be South and assumed Kyree Walker would be facing off against Lamelo Ball. Our article and information was slightly off base.

However, it looks like our article and twitter’s speculation has fueled a possible matchup against two premiere Guards in High School Basketball.


Hillcrest extending a challenge to not only Spire, but Lavar as well. Telling the Big Baller himself they will allow for him bring his sideshow along. Hillcrest Prep wants to put to bed any rumors that they dodged Spire.

We are COMPLETELY here for this, and i hope unlike Oak Hill, and other power houses we actually get to see these teams face off, rather than run from the spotlight.


Lamelo Ball

Fresh off his most dominating performance since returning to High School, (against Hillcrest Prep North) Lamelo Ball Vs. Kyree Walker needs to happen.

As you can see Lamelo Ball went nuclear last game, scoring 41 points on only 23 shots. Lamelo has also been much more active all year on the defensive end than given credit for. Lamelo has been one of the best all-around players in High School Basketball; and at only 17 Years old he is the BEST NBA prospect in High School.

With Lamelo nearly Averaging a Triple Double While only coughing up 1.5 Turnovers a game while shooting nearly 55% from the field shows his complete growth as a basketball player. At one point Lamelo was a scorer and benefited fo m Cherry picking system. Now that he is older however and isn’t the smallest guy on the court he doesn’t have to hide on defense or leak out on offense he can run the show and orchestrate an offense at an ELITE Level.


Kyree Walker

30.2 PTS, 11.1 REB, 5.7 AST, 3.3 STL, 2.2 BLK, 53.1% FG%, 47.2% 3P%

As you can see Kyree Walker is no slouch either as he is putting up numbers across the board. While shooting a great percent from virtually everywhere on the Court.

He’s also considered one of the BEST Guards and Prospects in his Graduating Class. Ranked as the 13th best player in the NATION for the Class of 2020. Lamelo having not played too many elite prospects on the season has a lower grade and National Ranking than we would give to him, but he is still ranked as the 13th best player in his class as well.

The Battle of the 13’s should be interesting, Kyree is a dynamic scorer and guard; while Lamelo

”Can make the blind see and crippled walk” -Jermaine Jackson (Spire Head Coach)


Rocket Watts has benefited greatly from lining up alongside Lamelo Ball.

Rocket Watts is AVERAGING

24.1 PTS, 2.6 REB, 6.1 AST, 1.3 TO, 1.1 STL, 1.0 BLK, 43.2% FG%, 57.6% 3P%

Lamelo Ball and Rocket Watts will be a nice 1-2 combo facing off against Kyree Walker. Definitely and interesting game in terms of the backcourt. Spire still has some talent at other positions but with Kyree Walker being the possible opponent we are going to focus on how these two matchup against the highly touted Junior.

Will Spire accept this challenge? Will Lamelo Ball Show Out? Will Spire Win, or Does Hillcrest Prep Want the smoke?

2 Comments on “Kyree Walker and Hillcrest Prep South Challenge Lamelo Ball and Spire Academy

  1. I am so glad a team that really loves competition was finally found….All these others school are afraid…Lol

  2. Spire Academy & the “Baby Faced Assassin” Lamelo Ball wasn’t the one’s canceling games with fake excuses about being penalized if they played against Lamelo Ball because he played pro baseball. Hill Crest don’t want none of the “Baby Faced Assassin”! Fast break & dunks all game.

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