Apparently one of our most anticipated games of the year, that got even more interesting after Teays Valley pulled off an upset over Oak Hill and vaulted into the top of the nations rankings.

After I hadn’t heard anything on the game from either school or the Big Baller Brand,  I reached out to Spire to further gain confrontation on their upcoming game and this is what Spire had to say?


Now this obviously disappointing to say the least, and while they are Student-Athletes I have to wonder why the game couldn’t be rescheduled for this weekend when Spire is already finding the time to travel to Arizona. This makes me feel as if Teays Valley decided to dodge Spire after getting ranked top 25 in the nation and used the ACT as an excuse.

Spire played a game that very day against a different team and won, and has a Grind Session event this weekend where Spire and Melo Ball will face off against a Hillcrest Prep North (a team they have beaten previously). These weren’t exactly the matchups we were hoping for to end the year.

What do you think? Did Teays Valley dodge Spire? Was it really about the ACT?

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