It’s long been time to END the One and Done Rule. If Zion is or had gotten seriously injured in a game that the NCAA is charging SO MUCH MONEY for, while Zion can’t make money off his likeness and isn’t getting Paid his WORTH. This is a reminder these athletes real futures and careers are on the LINE. There are several different factors to this people bring up to be against it or for it and I’m going to tackle each one for the complete idiocy that is still this discussion.


The “education” these top athletes are receiving are usually classes along the lines of athletics, and they normally stick to electives that they can pass and stay eligible. Many notable athletes including Andrew Wiggins didn’t even attend class in their second semester of college after receiving their grades and eligibility from the first semester. The athletes who need or want a scholarship don’t always get a scholarship, Universities can only give out X amount of scholarships across all their programs. This is absurd in its own right, EVERY Student-Athlete should get a free education. It cost a university limited money if any to put an extra body in 100-300 person classroom. All student athletes should receive free school while those who would fall under scholarships normally would now be able to negotiate their worth.

Take a look at last years #1 Pick in the NFL Draft

Baker Mayfield- He walked on at two different universities because they wouldn’t give him a scholarship. Luckily for him his family was able to find a way to put him through school, but I’m sure there are countless athletes who have been affected by this who didn’t have the means to walk on.


University Cost/Gain

Yet a university is able to prosper from Stars and Fans interest in those stars. I currently attend a mid-tier unvierty in Texas Tech, and when Patrick Mahomes was our Quarterback their was a different feel to games and the city of Lubbock. Many of these colleges are in smaller cities and they benefit a great deal from having soon to be stars in their cities, let alone university.

Take Zion for example, they had tickets sell for 3-10,000$ in the game he was injured; which is as much as Super Bowl Tickets. All to see Zion Williamson; Now yes the Duke/UNC rivalry impacts those prices as well. However, without Zion Obama doesn’t show up to the game and the prices doesn’t reach these historic levels.

Let me give you a different example, what about a star who used his universities platform to become a star. Zion already was going to be one; but what about Trae Young, he burt onto the national scene last year and became a Twitter sensation. This drove ticket prices up for his game against Texas Tech. Which Texas Tech has been a decent program as of late; staying in the top 25 for the last few years. But the ticket prices for the game Vs. Trae Young and Oklahoma outweighed the ticket prices Vs. Kansas. This is one of many examples of how the Star helps the university more than vise versa.

Let’s change Sports for a second, Johnny Manziel made Texas A&M relevant for all of 2 Minutes. Gave them constant media coverage, sold jerseys, and brought fan and sponsor interest. This is at a storied University, but Manziel eclipsed the school and became a Star. The University has to legit STOP him from attending class because he was a distraction for students and teachers. Was Manziel receiving an education then?

Or how about someone virtually everyone loves off the field in Tim Tebow, Florida had more national attention and coverage during Tebow’s tenure. Not to mention they won a National Championship, and yet Tebow wasn’t properly compensated for his accomplishments at the college level. Besides being picked to high in the NFL Draft, I guess that was his compensation?


Social Media Impact on Amateurism 

In a growing age of Social Media, Stars are getting younger and younger. Our ability to locate and create stats is also getting greater as well. Insert Lamelo Ball the most famous High School Athlete of All-Time. A big part of the is Lebron didn’t have social media during his tenure, but Lamelo is already more famous than many current NBA Stars. Why should companies and media outlets like Overtime, ESPN, and NCAA profit off their likeness, highlights, and athletic ability if they aren’t allowed too? Overtime posts daily about HS athletes helping create stars at a younger and younger age. Yet people scoff at the idea of Lavar and BBB charging $3,500 to video Lamelo Vs. Julian Newman. But Lavar knew the amount of social media hits and profit companies would make off this game for years to come. So why wouldn’t they get a piece of that? Our website for example brought in 13,000 website hits the day of Julian Newman Vs Lamelo Ball. Bigger companies and YouTube channels received 200X that interaction.

This bring me to Lebron JR, who has yet to really get on social media, (possibly due to his father wanting to shield him) he is constantly being posted all over media companies timelines just so they can get views and clicks. He’s already a star and yet he couldn’t go the Ball’s route and have his dad make him his own shoe? He can’t sell his own likeness? Now he’s a kid and a lot of his brand is dependent on his fathers but the point is the same, because if he wasn’t good enough to play in NBA; why can’t he market and sell himself for the skills he does have? Why does the NCAA get to decide because you’ve tried to market yourself you don’t deserve to go to college?

Or take this young viral sensation “Blaze”, he may Be the fastest kid in history (I’m not sure how we’d judge that). But none the less he should be allowed to market and sell himself in anyway he can, and when he’s old enough still be allowed to play for a university. At the end of the day the biggest issue in this entire thing is the fact you don’t own your own persona and can’t market yourself for 5-8 years of your life through High School and College. That is absurd and should be the first thing that comes to an end.



Lets take a more serious tone that we don’t want to wish anyone, but is the basis of the argument after last nights freak accident with Zion’s shoe.

Zion could have been seriously injured last night and we still haven’t heard the severity of his injury. One thing is for certain, if he was already in the NBA or allowed to market himself he’d already have a shoe built and designed for Zion, which could have likely prevented injury in itself. Instead Zion was injured in one of the biggest and most expensive college games of the year in which he had zero benefit going into that game to even suite up. He’s already virtually the unanimous #1 Pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Or how about last years Draft, i think Michael Porter JR. was the best or amongst the 3 best prospects in the Class. Yet because he got injured playing in college and NBA Teams didn’t know what to make of the injury he cost himself money and draft position.

This is only basketball, if we switch to football the injuries becomes more serious and more frequent. But what about the underlying injury that every NFL/College player worsen each and every game, CTE. Aaron Hernandez who only played in 38 NFL Games (which isn’t even 3 Full NFL Seasons) suffered from stage 3 CTE, meaning he had major head trauma that likely was already happening in College. Football players risk their lives, futures, and bodies for the game and Shouldn’t be told by anybody that they can’t market their hard work and suffering.


Here are Some Tweets about Zion’s Injury from around the NBA and other notable accounts. 

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