On the latest episode of “Ball in the Family” Lamelo Ball spoke on how he will for sure go to college, and that he has spoken to both USC and Kansas. Lamelo has proven himself to be one of the best high school basketball players in the country this season, if not the best and has clearly earned the attention of the top schools in the nation, if he is in fact eligible to play in the NCAA.

When looking at what it would be like at USC, Lamelo would be close to home once again, which would be the first time in a very long time, and he would be attending a prestigious school. The downside of going to USC is that he would not be on a top 5 school in the country, but in Lamelo’s case that could be another positive, as he could be the piece that moves USC into the top tier of schools and pushes his draft stock even higher.

On the other hand, if Lamelo were to choose Kansas he would be on one of the best basketball programs in the country with a legendary coach in Bill Self. At Kansas Lamelo would have a top class supporting cast and would probably still have the reins to control the offense, but he would certainly have to share the control and spotlight a little more than if he went to USC.

If Lamelo were to choose between just these two schools, USC is probably where he would go. I say that because Lamelo would finally be close to home again, and he, as well as Lavar could more easily gain control of the team and the program in his stint there. Lamelo would also get the opportunity to be the piece that makes USC a national title competitor, whereas at Kansas, they would be with or without him.

Whether Lamelo decides to go to USC, Kansas, another school, or even the GLeague, there is no doubt that he will soon be stepping onto an NBA court. Lamelo is likely to be a lottery pick no matter what he decides, and could even go number 1. But this is still huge news because Lamelo himself expects to be playing college basketball next year, and that means a lot.




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