According to JBA commentator Brandon Williams, former JBA Star Harrison Rieger will be joining El Salvador’s top professional league in the coming weeks. With Reiger being one of the first players from the JBA to be joining a pro league, his success could springboard more players to join the JBA. In the JBA last year Reiger averaged 16.3 PPG, 8.2 RPG, and 1.7 APG and showed tremendous skills as an all around basketball player. Rieger was chosen as a JBA all-star and after the season was selected as a member of the JBA USA team.

For JBA USA Rieger did not get a ton of time on the court, but when he was able to get into games he gave more effort into the game than anyone else. Rieger is known for his hardworking attitude and that showed on the court as a part of JBA USA. He constantly provided excellent defense and played his role perfectly as a bench player.

Looking forward for Rieger, he will become a rookie in the top league of El Salvador, and will certainly face a new lifestyle and living change, but he is primed for success after his run in the JBA and for JBA USA.

Looking at the JBA’s possible future, Rieger’s success could be vital in getting top class players to join, whether Rieger can use this opportunity as a springboard to a future in bigger professional basketball leagues or not is unknown, but overall this move is positive for everyone involved.

It is unknown what team Rieger will be joining at this time but soon we will hear all the details, so stay tuned, because Harrison Rieger is playing pro basketball once again.

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