NBA Commissioner Adam Silver unveiled a new futuristic jersey concept at an NBA all star event that would allow you to change the name and number on the back of the jersey using a digital remote.

For NBA fans, this could be a way to potential save a lot of money, as they could change the name and number on their jersey any time they want to rep a different player. For example, a Celtics fan could wear a Kyrie Irving jersey one day, and then the very next day they could be wearing a Jayson Tatum jersey, without buying two separate jerseys. For the NBA, this could make them lose an awful lot of money, unless they charge customers every time they change the name on their shirt, which might stop people from buying it.

This concept would spring board the NBA past every other major sports league in terms of the way people purchase merchandise, and could potentially backfire in a big way as well. but really when it comes down to it, this is a very cool way to be able to represent every player on you’re favorite team. So let us know what you think about these new NBA jerseys, are they a good idea, or a bad one?

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