Lonzo Ball is progressing in his injury faster than originally anticipated. As Lonzo has been rehabbing his ankle for over 3 weeks now; and with the All-Star Break right around the corner it looks like Lonzo will almost certainly be back against Houston on 2/21 in Los Angeles. It is only fitting that he got injured vs. the Rockets and finds his way back into the lineup against them.

Lonzo has been out of his walking boot now; nearing almost a week and he has began to run (on an underwater treadmill) and put pressure on the ankle.

He’s expected to begin basketabll related actvities post All-Star Break. If the Lakers decide to give him a few practices prior to throwing him into the lineup than it is possible we don’t see him comeback until 2/23 Vs. the Pelicans. But according to our sources “Lonzo has progressed ahead of schedule, and is trying desperately to get back on the court for the Lakers.”

This will mean by not later than 2/25 Vs. the Grizzlies; will we see Lonzo Ball Return from injury. The Lakers on the other hand have missed him badly since his injury (3-7), while going from the 7th best Defense in NBA, to the 29th Ranked Defense since Lonzo’s Injury. The Lakers need Lonzo back in the lineup, and Lonzo is desperate to get back out on the court.

Prior to his injury, Lonzo Ball was playing some of the best ball of his short career. Giving fans a glimpse of what could be in store, on both sides of the ball. But since his injury a lot of people have started to switch the narrative to he can’t stay healthy and can’t shoot free throws. Both of which will continue to improve.

Lakers will be going at least one more game without Lonzo Ball, and at the very max he’d miss 3 more games. But Lonzo being eager to get back on the court and his injury progressing ahead of schedule its very possible we will see him Post All-Star Break. As the Lakers need him to get back healthy so their last 25 games of the season they can play with Lonzo and get some sort of rythym heading into playoffs.

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