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Spire Academy will be stepping on the court next against Springdale Prep on February 18th vs Springdale prep, and while Lamelo Ball is currently out with a broken finger, there is a possibility he will play. Springdale Prep are currently 10-7according to, and are a team that Spire should be able to beat, even if Lamelo doesn’t play.

Spire currently have just one loss on the entire season, and it would certainly be a surprise if they lost this game. But, what could be really be interesting, is that if Lamelo plays he will have the opportunity to break the Ohio state record for triple doubles in a season, and that always will keep eyes on this game. Hopefully, we will see Lamelo play very soon, but either way Spire games should never be missed. Rocket Watts has been on a tear this season, so whether Lamelo is playing or not, everyone should be watching Spire Academy.


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