Rondo to come off bench Vs. 76ers, Bullock gets first start of his Lakers career.

This does multiple things going forward, and showed multiple things.

1. Lonzo will start upon returning

2. Lakers miss Lonzos Defense, they have went from top 10 in NBA, to one of the WORST 5 Defenses In the NBA since Lonzo’s injury.

3. Rondo can’t guard Simmons, has had issues on Defense all season long. Given the height mismatch we expected this outcome.

4. Rondo leading the second unit will help, But Luke needs to sure up his rotations

5. The move worked out well for the Lakers, especially for their spacing but i didn’t like that basically entirely the 2nd unit took the floor with Rondo to start 2nd quarter.

We did predict a few hours prior to game time that the Lakers shouldn’t start Rondo tonight given the defensive mismtahces. Which is exactly what they chose to do.

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