With the news that Jordan Ray has declared for the draft has been around for a couple of months, we make the argument that not only should he be drafted, but that he should be a first round pick. Over the summer Jordan Ray absolutely torched the JBA, showing both the ability to make plays for his teammates and creating his own looks as well. Not only did Ray dominate in the JBA, but he also was able to showcase his talent against professionals all across Europe as a part of the JBA USA team.

Ray has again and again proved that he has the height, shooting ability, play-making, and drive to be a true NBA point guard and yet some people still choose to doubt him. He has come a long way in the past year and has been one of the main players in proving the legitimacy of the JBA, when he is drafted into the league he will prove yet again that people should not doubt him. He could be the point guard of the future of pretty much any team in the league because he has every attribute that a starting point guard should have. His best fit in the NBA is certainly in Phoenix though, they have been craving a true point to put beside Devin Booker, and Ray fits the bill perfectly, he has the play-making to lead the team and he can also create his own looks both with the ball and without.

Other teams that could use Jordan Ray are the the Warriors, Lakers, Celtics, Nets, and Bulls, and those are just the obvious names. Ray is the type of player that can mold himself into any system because he just flat out plays hard on both ends of the floor. In the eyes of many it is becoming more and more obvious that he belongs in this league, and maybe he can even become a star.

Many people have been responding in support of Jordan Ray’s NBA dream on twitter, showing that his celebrity is starting to match his talent as well. Will Jordan Ray hear his name called on draft night?

Let us know what you think below in the comments! What teams do you think should pick Jordan Ray and at what pick will he be drafted?

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