E1751ADE-79EB-460D-93C3-781F0A6908DF.jpegLavar has had plenty to say over his Boys and Lonzo Ball in the last few days.

Lavar “All of my boys are going to meet up at the top on the same team, holla at your boy”

The naming of PHX and the notion Lavar believes all 3 of his sons could possibly team up in the dessert is very interesting. If Lonzo becomes a legit star there we have seen PHX give roster spots to brothers of marquee players in the past. Could PHX be the team that gives Lavar’s vision a shot?

Lets assume they got this happen, Lonzo as a growing and maturing Point Guard alongside a premier Scorer and Big Man Plus a growing Lamelo Ball, whose Already 6’7 and at only 17 years old there is a good chance he will continue grow and once he fills into his body could easily become the Starting Small Forward for the Suns. With the middle Ball brother coming off the bench for Devin Booker in a limited fashion if at all. This seems like Lonzo and his brothers could potentially recreate what Nash had built in Arizona. The city doesn’t have the luster of Los Angeles, but Lonzo Ball has become an actual celebrity and was showing signs of NBA Star potentioan in his own right making his games and franchise intriguing regardless of where he is traded too.


Lavar “Luke Walton is the worst coach ever for Lonzo”

This is interesting because i have believed the same thing for a while, Lonzo has never liked the way Luke has coached him and maybe Luke has never liked Lonzo as a player. Either way Luke hasn’t been employed Lonzo to be Lonzo, as I’ve pointed out on my Live. Why else do you think in his 2nd career game he shoots 29 Times and his next highest has been 17 (Twice), Lonzo hasn’t been encouraged to shoot the ball as much and Lead the way he should have.

Lavar “The Lakers gave my boy a losing attitude”

This is something that i don’t fully believe, while the Lakers have had horrible management and coaching prior to Lonzo and maybe even some of Lonzos tenure, the Lakers have done plenty in attempt to win and are a championship organization. Saying these comments along with wanting to go to the Suns doesn’t make a ton of sense other than fit and the pure need for them to play Lonzo 35+ Minutes a night. I do believe if you put Lonzo on a team that fits well around him he can lead them to the playoffs in the next few years, he is closer than a lot of people think he is to being a star. A lot of this i believe is on Luke Walton.

Lavar “We want to be in LA, but if Lonzo is traded PHX is the best fit”

These comments must mean Lonzo is very close to being traded for Anthony Davis, and even if he isn’t Lonzo and his family have clearly been shown LA’s hand in these trade Scenarios. So Lavar must be trying to help get Lonzo to the best team possible for him, which is why he has named Chicago, Phoenix, and New York as preferred locations because they have clear needs for a franchise Point Guard.


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