With each passing game at Spire Academy, it has become more clear that Lamelo Ball is the best player on his team, but not only that he may just be the best player in the country. Just looking at this past weekend, Lamelo was able to absolutely dominate in every aspect of the game, in one of the biggest games of the season against Zion Harmon and Bella Vista.

Name a 17 Year Old Basketball Player Past Or Present that is more experienced at such a young age. Lamelo’s all around game has always been ahead of its class as skipped a grade to player HS Ball a year early and has never looked back taking the High School scene by storm.

Lamelo is also on his way to becoming the Grind Session player of the year. Playing for a Spire team with just one loss in Grind Session play, Lamelo has displayed both his elite passing and scoring better than anyone else. When Lamelo is playing for Spire, they are a near unbeatable force that is close to unstoppable.

If and when Lamelo begins to get major college offers, every big school in the nation should be looking to sign him. He is almost averaging a triple double for one of the best high school teams in the country, when looking at Lamelo it shouldn’t be overthought, he is the best High School basketball player in the country.

Over the weekend Melo also tied an Ohio State Triple Double record recording his 8th Triple Double of the season, showing just how far he has come as an all around player. It has gotten to the point where Lamelo is very close to being ready for the NBA, and it almost doesn’t matter what he does next year because he should be a lock for at the very least the Lottery of the 2020 NBA Draft, but he will most likely be a top 5 selection(He is ranked #1 in his class by UniquESports).

2020 NBA Mock Draft

So what do you all think? Is Lamelo Ball the best High School basketball player in the country, or does someone else hold that title? Let us know below in the comment section!

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