JBA superstar Deon Lyle has declared for the NBA Draft in an Instagram post today, and with him being the second JBA player to do so, the league should shortly begin to gain recognition. The reason that I believe this is, because if a player declares for the draft, they must be hearing good things from the scouts. Lyle joins Jordan Ray as former JBA players to declare for the draft.

Before coming to the JBA, Deon Lyle played for UTSA, a division one college basketball program, winning 6th man of the year honors in his final season. In his final season, Lyle averaged an impressive 11.3 points and 3.7 rebounds, and scored a career high of 33 against Rice University.

In the JBA this season, Deon Lyle averaged 23 points, 9.5 rebounds, and 3.25 assists, and proved that his combination of height and athleticism make him a great NBA prospect. As well as his amazing stats on the court in the JBA, he also received all-star game MVP honors for his 51 point performance in the all star game.

After the JBA season, Lyle became a part of the first JBA USA team, where he traveled all across Europe playing professional teams in many countries. Lyle again displayed that he could both play on the same court as professionals, and that he had tons of potential for the future.

Lyle’s game is the type that will fit on many teams in this league, because he has shown he can be both a go to scorer, and that he can support other players as well, but I believe Lyle’s game would fit best on a team like the Spurs. The Spurs are a very disciplined basketball team, and players like Lyle can be extremely helpful as supporting players in the Spurs system.

Whether or not Lyle is drafted this June does not change the fact that he a professional, and he will surely find a place in the G-League at least, but any who passes on Deon Lyle is taking a big risk.


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