All-Star Weekend is fast approaching!

This year’s All-Star Weekend festivities will be held in Charlotte, home of the Hornets. Numerous players have already received invites or have committed to participating in the weekend’s events, including the Rising Stars Game (Team USA vs Team World), the Skills Challenge, Three Point Shootout and Dunk Contest, before ending it with the highly-anticipated All-Star Game.

About a week ago, the 2019 NBA All-Star Starters were revealed. These 10 superstars were selected via fan voting, media voting, and player voting wherein fans received 50% of the vote, while the media and other NBA players split the remaining half.

The reserves on the other hand, will be voted in by the NBA’s 30 Head Coaches. There are many well-deserving all-stars around the league, but only 7 players per conference can be voted in as a reserve.

Eastern Conference

Starters: Kyrie Irving (BOS), Kemba Walker (CHA), Kawhi Leonard (TOR), Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL), Joel Embiid (PHI)

Backcourt: Ben Simmons (PHI) – 16.7 ppg, 9.5 rpg, 8.2 apg, 1.3 spg, 56.9% FG

Simmons has been incredible for the 76ers all season long. While his lack of a jump shot may be a cause for concern, his insane playmaking and athleticism at the point guard position are more than enough to bring the 2018 Rookie of the Year into his first All-Star game.

Backcourt: Bradley Beal (WAS) – 24.7 ppg, 5.1 rpg, 5.1 apg, 1.4 spg, 46.7% FG

Ever since Wall went down with an injury, Beal has single-handedly turned the Wizards around. He’s averaging career-highs across the board while showing his improved playmaking and defense, all while trying to lead his team to make a late playoff push.

Frontcourt: Jimmy Butler (PHI) – 19.6 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 3.6 apg, 2.1 spg, 47.9% FG

The third Sixers player on the list, Butler has been doing surprisingly well in a team with two other All-Stars. His stats aren’t as eye-catching compared to when he was an alpha, but his defense and leadership still make him one of the best wing players in the league.

Frontcourt: Blake Griffin (DET) – 26.3 ppg, 8.1 rpg, 5.3 apg, 0.8 spg, 48.0% FG

Griffin has been exceptional since the start of the season. After being classified as a dunker who has lost some of his athleticism, he’s changed his game appropriately for the modern era, and the results are showing. His improved three-pointer and playmaking, along with his deadly scoring touch are leading to what is perhaps his best season yet.

Frontcourt: Nikola Vucevic (ORL) – 20.7 ppg, 12.0 rpg, 3.8 apg, 1.2 bpg, 52.0% FG

Nikola Vucevic has always been a good center in this league, but he’s finally getting the attention he deserves with his best season yet. He’s been a bright spot for a lottery Magic team, especially with his scoring, rebounding and improved outside shooting.

Wild Card: D’Angelo Russell (BKN) – 19.5 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 6.4 apg, 1.2 spg, 44.0% FG

D’Lo started off the season slow, but has been incredible as of late! He’s delivered some clutch performances along with some high-scoring games to help the Nets enter the playoff picture. Some analysts do not have Russell making the All-Star team, but it’s difficult to see why he’s left off.

Wild Card: Kyle Lowry (TOR) – 14.2 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 9.4 apg, 1.4 spg, 41.0% FG

Lowry is pretty much the opposite of Russell, in that the started off the season incredibly well, but cooled down after a few games. He may be getting up there in age, but his defense and playmaking constantly remain a key in the Raptors’ successes. He doesn’t have to score as much as he did before, but he can still drop 20 on any given night if need be.

Backups: John Collins (ATL), Andre Drummond (DET)

Collins and Drummond have both been great, with Collins making a huge sophomore jump, and Drummond leading the league in rebounds per game. I just believe that the players listed above them are better, which is why they can only be the replacements for now.

*Victor Oladipo would have been in my list, but has been left out due to his recent injury. Hope he gets better ASAP.

Western Conference

Starters: Stephen Curry (GSW), James Harden (HOU), Paul George (OKC), LeBron James (LAL), Kevin Durant (GSW)

Backcourt: Damian Lillard (POR) – 26.4 ppg, 4.6 rpg, 6.3 apg, 1.1 spg, 45.0% FG

After coming off a disappointing playoff series against the Pelicans, Lillard has started off this season with a chip on his shoulder once more. Lillard is showing his capabilities as a top offensive player in this league, making him nearly unguardable whether he shoots, drives, or kicks out to an open teammate.

Backcourt: Russell Westbrook (OKC) – 21.7 ppg, 10.9 rpg, 10.8 apg, 2.3 spg, 41.6% FG

The 2017 NBA MVP seems to be more passive this year, becoming more of a willing playmaker towards teammates Paul George and Steven Adams. He is once again averaging a triple-double, as he’s now done so for 3 STRAIGHT YEARS. Westbrook leads the league in assists per game, and while his efficiency has dipped, his defense has improved.

Frontcourt: Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN) – 22.6 ppg, 12.1 rpg, 3.1 apg, 1.9 bpg, 49.8% FG

Towns started off the season slow, especially with Jimmy Butler still on the roster amidst team chemistry concerns. Following the trade that sent Butler to Philadelphia, KAT seems revitalized, in a way.

Frontcourt: Nikola Jokic (DEN) – 20.1 ppg, 10.4 rpg, 7.7 apg, 1.4 spg, 50.6% FG

Jokic remains the league’s best big man playmaker, as he is able to direct the Nuggets offense so well. He’s made big improvements on the defensive aspect of his game, and has the basketball IQ necessary to lead the Nuggets. He’s a fan-favorite amongst NBA fans, particularly due to his insane passes and his ability to rack up triple doubles, and he should undoubtedly be an all-star this season.

Frontcourt: Anthony Davis (NOP) – 29.3 ppg, 13.3 rpg, 4.4 apg, 1.7 spg, 2.6 bpg, 50.8% FG

The Brow may have just requested a trade, but he is very clearly, still an All-Star. He’s been putting up exceptional numbers, and a case could be made for him to start as a frontcourt player. He’s one of the best two-way big men in the league, if not the best. He can score from just about anywhere on the court, which is what makes him so unguardable for most.

Wild Card: Derrick Rose (MIN) – 18.6 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 4.7 apg, 0.6 spg, 48.0% FG

Am I biased? Yeah. But I truly believe Rose deserves an all-star nod this year, especially with the way he’s played thus far. There may be players putting up better stats, but Rose’s positive impact on the Timberwolves is unquestionable, and his improvement from years prior has shown that he is deserving of the spot.

Wild Card: Tobias Harris (LAC) – 21.6 ppg, 7.9 rpg, 2.6 apg, 0.8 spg, 50.3% FG

Harris has been great for the Clippers, and although the Clippers have fallen in the West standings, Tobi’s play hasn’t. He’s been the best player of this impressive Clippers team, who despite not having any legitimate superstar, is making a deep playoff push. His scoring ability is one of the best in the league, as it’s help the Clippers win a bunch of games this season.

Backups: DeMar DeRozan (SAS), Rudy Gobert (UTA)

There’s no reason why DeRozan and Gobert will not make the all-star team, except for the fact that there are just too many good players in the Western Conference. Both have been great in leading their teams to the playoffs, with DeRozan doing if offensively and Gobert doing it defensively.

There are way more players that could end up making it anyway, and here are the best 10: Mike Conley (MEM), Buddy Hield (SAC), Jrue Holiday (NOP), De’Aaron Fox (SAC), Devin Booker (PHO), Donovan Mitchell (UTA), Klay Thompson (GSW), LaMarcus Aldridge (SAS), Steven Adams (OKC), Clint Capela (HOU). Let me know if I missed any.

Thanks for reading! Who do you think will make the All-Star team? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us @UniqueSportplus on Twitter!

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