In my short few years of blogging I’m finally reviewing one of my favorite artist!!! Big K.R.I.T had quite the 4th quarter finish in 2018. Mississippi’s very own gave us a three-peat of hard hitting EPs. In two week intervals, K.R.I.T. delivered ‘Thrice X’ (November 16, 2018), ‘Double Down’ (November 30, 2018) and ‘Trifecta’ (December 14, 2018). Prior to these releases K.R.I.T was relatively quiet. Like me, most fans we were kind of hungry for some new material from K.R.I.T. as we began to get satiated wit 2017’s ‘4eva Is A Mighty Long Time.’ The Summer of 2018 was absolutely nuts when it came to album drops. This past summer we were gifted with albums from Jay – Z and Beyonce, Kanye and G.O.O.D Music had their multi album run, Drake dropped during the midst of  that run. Also, we got the most anticipated project arguably in 2018 with Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld’. 

K.R.I.T is not just a musical genius. He’s overall a smart individual. So it’s my belief he had been working on his EP roll out and had everything ready but assessed the temperature in the industry leading to him ultimately deciding to drop in the 4th quarter of 2018. K.R.I.T generated some crazy buzz with these drops.  They all were no more than 3 tracks and kept us eager to hear more! I think he has an end game with this roll out but in the mean time, K.R.I.T. has taken the songs from each of those projects and combined them to give us ‘TDT’. Yes we have heard these songs before this release. But man….. listening to them as a whole project changes the energy of the tracks.

‘TDT’ is a solid body of work. It consists of eight tracks that are all enjoyable.  Production was done by K.R.I.T per usual and he did a pretty good job. A few tracks stood out more than others production wise. My favorite tracks were “Pick Yourself Up” “Look What I Got” and “Glorious.” Those tracks had great production to go hand and hand with K.R.I.T smooth uptempo flow and his high quality lyricism. All in all, this was a great compilation but I think a bigger and more heavy project is being worked on as we speak and I’m predicting it to be some of K.R.I.T.’s best work in every aspect. 

Rating: 8.5/10


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