With the news that Anthony Davis could be heading for the Lakers, there is a chance Lonzo Ball could be on the move as well, here we take a look at some trade ideas that could send Lonzo to different teams, and what his role and fit could look like.


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In this scenario Lonzo is sent to the Pelicans straight up with Brandon Ingram, KCP, and Ivica Zubac in exchange for Anthony Davis. For the Pelicans, it would be a whole new
game, as they would have a completely new starting 5 on their team, likely going with
Jrue Holiday
Brandon Ingram
Nikola Mirotic
Julius Randle
The reason I believe the Lakers would make this deal is because they want Lebron to have his second star and they could keep a couple of young pieces as well. And for the Pelicans, they get two young stars in Ball and Ingram as well as taking a chance on Zubac, in this scenario the Pelicans get a first round pick from the Lakers as well.
Lonzo would have a pretty good role for the Pelicans going forward, he would have control of the offense and the ball, and would have the reins to the future of the franchise, along with Ingram, and he would have his old teammates coming along with him to New Orleans.



In this scenario the Lakers ship their young core to the Pelicans and Bulls, while the Bulls get rid f Jabari Parker’s contract and get a young star in Lonzo. The Bulls are big winners long term in this deal, all they have to do is eat short term contracts to do so.

In terms of fit for Lonzo, he remains in a big market and will still have all eyes on him, and will be playing with a new cast of young stars, including Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr.. However, Lonzo will have a big leash unlike in LA, because he will be playing for a franchise that is tanking for a number 1 overall pick, so he will be able to learn and grow as a player throughout the season.


In this scenario no team gives up any picks, and the reason is they all benefit in a way. The Lakers get their needed second star for LeBron, the Pelicans get two young stars, a flyer on Mudiay, and a vetern in KCP, and the Knick’s get a nice upgrade at the Point Guard spot in Lonzo.

For Lonzo, this would not be a great move for him. He would be in a big market with high expectations, with  front office that has a history of getting everything wrong. He would be playing tanking basketball in year one, without any specific plan to get out of the lottery next year. This would be a disaster.



This is the scenario the Lakers will want to avoid, they would have to give up all of their main young core to get Anthony Davis, but they would still do it to make a challenge at the title. For the Pelicans, they gain young stars and veterans to aid in their inevitable rebuild, and have a solid lineup. And for the Magic they get a nice upgrade at the point guard spot.

For Lonzo, the Magic would be an interesting landing spot, because without an established star, Lonzo could step up and be the franchise player we know he is. This could be the best move if Lonzo is traded.


Ok I had a little fun with this one and made it a little unrealistic, but I thought I might theoretically change the entire landscape of the NBA really quick and sent DSJ to the Pelicans and Lonzo to the Mavericks. When looking at this unrealistic trade their is still a chance we see Lonzo in a Mavericks uniform.

For Lonzo, the Mavericks are a team with a combination of young guys and veterans and a savvy front office in a small market. This move is definitely not Lonzo’s dream move but it could end up helping him, he would have the reins of the offense and would have shooters and DeAndre Jordan at his disposal, so who knows, this could be a good move for him.


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