1. Bucks

Pairing Giannis and Davis would make for a very intriguing duo to say the least. It would seem as if the Bucks are giving up a lot of young talent, plus draft picks in this deal but with the way Lopez has shot from 3 point land, keeping him alongside Davis and Giannis would be a tough cover in today’s NBA. This trade instantly makes them the favorites in the Eastern Confrence.


2. Nuggets

Jokic, Murray, and Anthony Davis would be the best trip of players Denver has had in a very long time, debatly ever. Already the Number 2 seed in the West while having outplayed expectations, now would be the time to capitalize on your assets and make a push up the western conference. This would help further the gap between the warriors and nuggets by a wide margin.



3. Raptors

This wouldn’t be as intriguing of an offer if you’re trying to rebuild, but the Raptors have solid role players they can offer up in a possible deal. Their pick doesn’t seem very enticing but if its pushed out far enough maybe the pelicans can convince themselves Davis and Kawhi will leave. Raptors offer doesn’t seem as appealing to me, but if they managed to convince the Pelicans to take their package they’d instantly be near even in Odds to win the title with Golden State.

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