Spire Academy bounced back from their first loss of the season last night with a 122-86 win over Saint Edward. This was a much needed performance for Spire after they lost to Prolific Prep just a few days ago, and they were able to deliver. Spire are going to have their hands full next week as they will be playing Bella Vista, who beat Prolific Prep, so this win was a good way of preparing. To check out all of the details about Spire’s match up with Bella Vista, hit this link!

Lamelo Ball Vs. Zion Harmon


For Spire, Rocket Watts was the man who did it all for them last night, scoring an insane 64 points AND hitting 15 threes in the win. Of course, Lamelo was able to help out in the big win for Spire as well, finishing with 14 points, 13 assists, and 4 rebounds. Here we will tell you just how we think Spire’s stars played in their big win.

Lamelo Ball: B

Lamelo was definitely his best as a passer last night, but the same can not be said for his jump shot, or any shot for that matter. It took Lamelo until the fourth quarter to get on the score sheet, and all of his points were scored at a point where they really didn’t matter. The fact is, Lamelo should be expected to eclipse 20 points every time he steps on the court, and he didn’t do that last night. On the positive side though, he was able to use his generational passing abilities to keep all of his teammates involved in the game, and partly because of his influence Rocket Watts played the best game of his career.

Rocket Watts: A+

I’m sure if you nitpicked at his entire performance, you could find a couple of small mistakes, but the fact is, if you score 64 points in a game, you had an A+ performance. Rocket Watts was able to drain shot after shot in every quarter of this game, and his scoring was the sole reason Spire were able to break away in the second quarter, never to be caught again. This shouldn’t be overthought, Rocket Watts was incredible last night.

Isaiah Jackson: A-

While this wasn’t Jackson’s best offensive game, he still finished with 7 blocks, a number that makes him Spire’s most effective defensive players. Jackson now just has to fill his body out, and soon he will be ready for the NBA, which he will inevitably play in.

All in all, this was a great performance for Spire, and one that can propel them to victory against Prolific Prep and Bella Vista in the coming weeks, stay tuned because the best team in the country is not done yet.


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