I think it is starting to become obvious that Liangelo Ball is in fact a possible NBA level talent. Given his brothers both showing clear signs of being legitimate NBA players and even stats the notion Liangelo is a fringe NBA player no longer seems as big of a joke, which raises the question as to why he hasn’t been brought onto an nba G-League team if not for anything else, he should at least help a struggling minor league team sell some tickets. Lamelo has been Ranked and several mocks even have him as a clear lottery pick in the 2020 nba draft. Lonzo also showed tremendous growth on both sides of the ball this season prior to his injury.

At some point i expect something major to happen for the middle ball brother. But sometime between now and Lamelo’s name being called draft night i have a feeling we will see Gelo play for a G-League team or even even get another NBA tryout. The JBA USA team either needs to start another tour quickly or find a European team for Gelo as he is in need of getting back on the court to showcase where his game is at since his time off. The Ball Family having just released Liangelo’s shoe the G3 Luxe, it is safe to say they need to get him back on the court to continue to sell shoes on market the middle ball brother. Gelo has long shown the greatest ability of the three of them to score the basketball on a consistent basis, the rest of his game has left some to be desired however.

In high school Liangelo averaged 34.2 PPG, 2.3 RPG, and 1.2 APG

Unlike his brothers, who are more all around players and prospects, Gelo is a scorer, and shooter, he will create and make his own looks with ease, and that didn’t stop after high school. Gelo went to Lithuania where he averaged 12 PPG on 42% from 3P land in a legitimate professional league where past players have gone to the NBA. Gelo also capped his time in Lithuania off with a 72 point performance (not against an LKL level team) the day he declared for the NBA Draft.

Gelo then went on to play against countless professionals in both the JBA and for JBA USA during their international tour, where he again lit up the league with his amazing scoring, getting a 53 point triple double in his first JBA game. If it wasn’t already obvious, Liangelo Ball should eventually get a chance in the NBA.


This could happen once Lamelo has been ruled ineligible, you may just see both brothers pair up yet again on a G-League team prior to Lamelo declaring for the NBA draft. I have long argued that Gelo has no case if Lonzo didnt get better and Lamleo was still a question mark, but now given the fact we’ve seen clear evidence of Lonzo evolving before our eyes, and Lamleo has been ranked and touted as clear NBA prospect, i don’t think its out of the realm of possibility Liangelo could make an NBA roster at some point in his career. However, he has been awfully quite now outside of the release of the G3 Luxe and you’d assume Big Baller Brand needs to get him back on the court as soon as possible. Even if its just another JBA USA International Tour.

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