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Spire coming off their first loss of the season the other day; losing 94-59 to Prolific Prep in a game where all of Lamelo Ball’s co-stars were shut down by a team that looked superior and ready for the style of play Spire wanted to play with. Of course, one Spire player was still able to get his against Prolific Prep, Lamelo dropped 20 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists in Spire Academy’s loss. Accounting for 29 of the Teams 59 points, on a night where Gardner and Rocket just couldn’t get it going.

This being Spire’s first loss of the season, sets up what could be a revenge game for Spire. Let’s be clear, this game was an anomaly for Spire, not a constant. There is still a chance that they will remain a one loss team for the rest of the season, and that is probably likely. If Spire wants to be able to beat this team, Isaiah Jackson, Rocket Watts, and Myron Gardner will have to step up, or they will be in for a long night. Unless Lamelo takes a higher totality of his teams FGA in the rematch.

Lamelo Ball and Spire quickly took to social media saying they would bounce back from this loss, and what a better than way than having Zion Harmon and Profolic Prep on their schedule in the same week. With a loss to Prolific already under their belts, it is safe to say going into this game they will be the toughest competition the rest of the year for Spire given how handily they beat Spire a few days ago.

For Prolific Prep, they will have the answers for beating Spire, and future teams will look at the tape to find weaknesses in a Spire team that we thought didn’t have any. As well as, Lamelo having been Ranked a top prospect in his class by ESPN, Draftnet, and UniquESports, scouts may look at that game to find players on Prolific Prep as well as what are the weakness of Spire’s stars and future D1 athletes. Spire will play against Prolific Prep next in a tournament starting on February 8th.


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