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One of the most popular game modes of the NBA 2K franchise is MyTeam, an online multiplayer mode where players can create their team filled with both current and historic players.

Introduced in NBA 2K13, MyTeam features different packs wherein certain players can be acquired. Packs usually contain players that fit the theme, and can be purchased by 1 of 2 in-game currencies, either Virtual Currency or “VC”, or MyTeam Points or “MT”. There are also numerous game modes to help users boost their team, ranging from offline challenges such as domination and weekly challenges, to online modes such MyTeam Unlimited and Triple Threat.

 The all-new Token Market (From MyTeam 2K19 MyTeam Trailer)

The token market, along with a new in-game currency called the “tokens” were introduced only in NBA 2K19. Tokens can be acquired through completing collections, finishing challenges, locker codes, and a whole lot more. There are also different tiers that users must work their way up on. Starting with the emerald tier, users must collect 10 of 30 possible cards to unlock the sapphire tier, which they then must collect 10 sapphire rewards to unlock the ruby tier, and so on. The end goal is to unlock the Galaxy Opal Market, which currently features two cards (Wilt Chamberlain, James Worthy), two of the rarest cards in the whole game.

It’s been about 4 months since NBA 2K19 came out, and while some players are already at the latter markets, there are still a few beginners or those who just got the game who are still in the sapphire market. This list should help them pick out the best of the best when it comes to the selections available at the sapphire token market.

*All pictures of cards were retrieved from 2KMTCentral, an online database specifically made as a guide for NBA 2K MyTeam.

1. Manute Bol (85 Overall)


Vitals: C, 7’7″, 200lbs

Key Stats: 92 Standing Layup, 92 Block, 72 Open Shot Three

Let’s just get this out of the way now. Manute Bol is TALL. He’s the tallest player in the game, and that is enough to make him better than most other rewards already. As expected, his rebounding, shot blocking and inside scoring are top-notch. The crazy thing is his 72 open shot three, which means that he can hit the occasional open three from time-to-time. He should be able to bully opponents with ease, which definitely makes him worth the pickup.

2. Iman Shumpert (85 Overall)


Vitals: SG/SF, 6’5″, 220lbs

Key Stats: 89 On-Ball Defense IQ, 88 Driving Dunk, 87 Speed, 86 Ball Control, 82 Open Shot Three

This Shumpert card has been getting a lot of love by the community, and looking at the stats, it’s not hard to see why. He’s an excellent defender and slasher for his overall, as well as being a decent shooter. I personally preferred other cards to this one, but it’s probably because I used him incorrectly. This card looks like a beast and definitely should be a pickup if you’re looking for a budget 3-and-D monster.

3. Jared Jeffries (85 Overall)


Vitals: PF/SF, 6’11”, 230lbs

Key Stats: 89 Pick-and-Roll Defense IQ, 88 On-ball Defense IQ, 80 Steal, 78 Block, 75 Open Shot Three

Jeffries was introduced as a card last year, and quickly became a fan-favorite among budget ballers. The card’s stats don’t pop out as much as Shumpert’s, but his versatility and defense make him a great card. Despite the low three point rating, his card’s release is pretty easy to time, at least for me. He’s more than capable of going on scoring runs and hitting open threes, and can even defend the higher-end cards used by other players.

Honorable Mention: Shawn Bradley (85 Overall)


Vitals: C, 7’6″, 235lbs

Key Stats: 92 Block, 90 Low Post Defense IQ, 87 Shot Close, 85 Standing Dunk/Layup

If you want another Manute Bol-like player, look no further than Shawn Bradley. Bradley is only an inch shorter than Bol, but is much heavier. He’s able to work the post better, but that’s it. He can’t shoot too well, and isn’t as good of an offensive player either. However, if you’ve always wanted to run a lineup consisting of Bol and Bradley at the frontcourt spots, then be my guest. Just like Bol, his height should be enough of an incentive for you to pick him over other cards.

Thanks for reading! Which token market tier are you in right now? Do you agree with the cards we suggested? Comment your thoughts down below, and if you want me to keep going with these types of lists.

Stay tuned for the best ruby token rewards to claim!

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