Spire Academy remain undefeated, beating Brush High School tonight 82-61 and is set to play against Julian Newman and Zion Harmon in just 4 days. The game started out in a heated fashion, with a small scuffle breaking out in the first quarter leading to the ejection of Spire star Isaiah Jackson. It was a close first half between the two undefeated teams, which ended 34-27 in Spire’s favor. It was a quiet first half from Spire superstar Lamelo Ball, finishing it with just 3 points.

The half time whistle was the end of both Spire’s and Lamelo’s struggles, Spire quickly were able to extend their lead and show their dominance over Brush, and Lamelo was able to turn his performance around. By the end of the game, Spire were easily going to gain another victory, remaining undefeated.

With Isaiah Jackson ejected, the Spire team was depleted, but, here we will discuss how Lamelo Ball and Rocket Watts fared without their star team mate.

Lamelo Ball: B-

Lamelo would have gotten an A if we were only grading the second half of this game, but his first half was the worst I have seen him at Spire. It was a tale of two halves for Lamelo, who quickly turned the game around with great scoring ability, which we have seen time and time again with Lamelo. Lamelo capped off his performance with an incredible half court shot with 10 seconds left on the clock, all in all though, this was a solid day of work for Lamelo.

Rocket Watts: B

Rocket Watts played very well tonight, but the reason he does not receive an A is because it was a selfish game from him. There were many times when he took the ball up the court and drove straight to the basket to shoot, he passed up easy opportunities to create for team mates for his own difficult looks.

Spire is coming up again this weekend against Julian Newman, Zion Harmon, and Downey Christian High School, find the details about the match here:

Lamelo Ball Facing off against Julian Newman

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