Lamelo Ball and Spire Academy will face off against Julian Newman, Zion Harmon and Downey Christian High School, in a match up between three high ranked point guards with a great deal of history and pedigree, we will look at each of them and their games and see just how great this match up will be. Watch the action unfold LIVE on YouTube via Grind Session at 2:30 PM CT 1/19/19.

Lamelo Ball

We all know just how amazing Lamelo Ball truly is, he is nearly averaging a triple double at one of the most prestigious Prep schools in the country. He has also played for a professional team in Lithuania and against many professionals across Europe for JBA USA.

Lamelo Ball is a true journeyman and world traveler at just 17 years old, he has played basketball at every level except college and will most likely break that mile stone soon as well. He has changed the basketball world in so many ways with his shoes,, his brand, and his game that just have not been matched by any high school player since LeBron James, maybe ever.

Julian Newman

Julian Newman is a special basketball player, in the same class as Lamelo Ball, Newman has been a varsity basketball player since the fifth grade, and he has always been a show stopper. Standing at just 5’7″, he has faced challenges in basketball that Lamelo has not, this difference is one of the ways this match up will be so intriguing.

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Stats: 32.1 PPG, 5.2 RPG, 6.7 APG, 2.7 SPG

Zion Harmon

Zion Harmon is a 5 star rated Point Guard in the 2020 NBA Draft Class, and he has recently transferred to Downey Christian High School. With him now also facing off against Lamelo Ball and Spire Academy, we will let you know everything about his game.

Harmon is a crafty Point Guard who uses his ball handling to create his own looks. He has a smooth jump shot and is also capable of getting points at the basket. Due to his lack of size, he does have some defensive issues, but for a smaller guard he is very capable on that end as well. He will be even more of a test for Lamelo than Julian Newman will, because he is a 5 star elite prospect, and will help everyone see how good Lamelo really is.

The Teams

Spire, of course, is an undefeated powerhouse that is impossible to slow down. With Lamelo, Rocket Watts, and Isaiah Jackson at the helm, they have a team that could compete with anyone in the country. They are likely to go undefeated, and if not will only lose a few, they are always the favorite.

As for their opponent, Downey Christian High School, they have a record of 11-9 and play through their star Julian Newman. With Zion Harmon now on Downey after transferring schools this game becomes much more interesting, it goes from a straight forward Spire victory to a game that should be very close and hard fought.That being said, I believe they are not a team that should be able to defeat Spire, but with Lamelo, Julian Newman, and Zion Harmon facing off, it should be one of the best games of the season. The game is scheduled for January 19th, be sure you don’t miss it.

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