1. Texas Tech won no more than 8 games during his coaching tenure and he had 3 NFL QB’s.
  2. Had the Worst Defense in ALL of College Football in Mahomes Best season as Tech.
  3. Was just fired at his alma mater for not being able to keep a mid-tier College program together
  4. The best Jobs he’s done that has led to the most team success in his career that even landed him a head coaching job at Tech. Is the fact he was a QB Coach at UOH and A&M.

-He Coached Johnny Manziel to a Heisman while being the play caller for A&M

-Coached Keenum as he set UOH Records as QB coach and played called there

-However, even with the trend of him having coached all these QB’s in college I can argue each one has seen more success without him. Including the two more popular QB’s on this list I’ve yet to name.

  1. His play calling Prior to Mahomes wasn’t no offensive Genius, Mahomes and Talented QBs have made him
  2. Has had 3 Seasons as a College Head Coach where he couldn’t even amass 6 Wins. AGAIN for 4-6 of seasons he had an NFL Quarterback on his roster.




  1. Davis Webb was turned into a check down Quarterback in his 2nd year at Tech, even during key moments. Go pull the tape, no offensive creativity or Genius. Mahomes was the reason Tech scored in bunches and has been unwatchable for TWO years SINCE MAHOMES LEFT.
  2. Now because Mcvay has been so great other teams are looking for bright young offensive coaches. But i haven’t seen anything from Kliff that would give me that impression other than he has had “good” success with QB’s.
  3. Meaning his QB’s have been talented and put up numbers but he has amassed a record of 35-40 and 1-2 in Bowl Games during 6 Seasons at Texas Tech.
  4. Since then what has he done? Win 77-0 against Lamar? Or Beat UOH 69-43? Neither impressive. 3-7 rest of season.
  5. while he had Patrick Mahomes (the best player in Texas Tech history and NFL MVP) as his QB he was 13-16 as a Head Coach. And couldn’t win a bowl game, could barely be bowl eligible scheduling the likes of Utep and Lamar in the non-conference matchups.
  6. The Cardinals are hoping for an offensive genius, but with Mahomes recent success, Keenums pro success, and Bakers success at OU and Cle i could argue every QB he has coached has been better AFTER him. You don’t have to take my opinion, but I’ve watch Kliff coach for 5 years…
  7. I highly doubt the Cardinals have seen that many Texas Tech games over that span. So, what could possibly be on his resume that makes them think he is their HC? OC Maybe I’d give you an argument. But his ALMA MATER fired him because he COULDNT COACH/WIN.
  8. Oh and did i mention the year before he got there Texas Tech was 8-5. Which he coached them their following year plus a bowl win and lived off that and Mahomes for the next 5 years. He hasn’t been a good coach. And now he charmed and smiled his way into an NFL HC job……
  9. So at Tech he took over a good team, was able to have Webb replace their QB and win. Then replaces Webb for Baker back to Webb then Mahomes. Then wastes Mahomes tenure there. Produced NOTHING in the BIG 12, with an NFL MVP. Imagine that? Imagine think he deserves to be a HC.

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