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Lamelo Ball and Spire won yet another tournament this weekend in rather unmatched fashion as their competition was little match for the fire power that Spire posses. Spire got out to a quick start absolutely dominating Trinity on the glass and in the paint as Isaiah Jackson was the player of the game with a near 20-20 performance as he posted 26 points, 19 rebounds and 4 blocks. This puts Spire Academy all the way up to 15-0 on the season with Lamelo Ball having gotten 6 Triple Doubles in their 15 contests and narrowly missing another his last two contests.

We fully expect Spire Academy to remain undefeated the rest of the season as Lamelo, Watts, and Jackson is one of the best trio’s in High School basketball. Spire is for real and that all starts with Lamelo Ball, as he takes so much attention from the defense Jackson and Watts are further able to play their game and go to work.

My grades or the performances tonight would have to be

  • Melo Ball
    • B-
      • 14 PTS, 8 ASTS, 8 REBS, 5 STL (6-13) FG 5 TO
  • Isaiah Jackson
    • A++++
      • 26 Points, 19 Rebounds, 4 Blocks
  • Rocket Watts
    • A+
      • 15 PTS, 5 REBS, 5 ASTS

Player of the Game: Isaiah Jackson takes home Player of the Game and tournament honors as he absolutely dominated for Spire back to back nights in this tournament. Watts and Lamelo are also making legitimate noise as possibly one of the best back courts in the nation. Watts is liable to step back and splash a 3 in your face at any second while Melo helps run the show and set up the entire offense. If you haven’t caught a spire game you should.


Watch Lamelo Ball and Spire take on Trinity below!!! ↓↓↓

Spire has around a week off until they play their next game, if you’d like to see their full schedule check the link listed below. ↓↓↓↓↓

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