Vic Mensa delivers an EP that provides emotional depth with a healthy serving of insight. Vic is an artist that i see as one of the more genuine acts in music. Yes i said it. Its a fair statement to being that he’s almost 10 years in! Vic has this remarkable ability to blend creative wordplay into personal/sociable conscious rap. ‘Hooligans’ definitely served as a showcase of his versatility. 

There were a lot of bright moments on ‘Hooligans’. To kick things off, Vic is a strong advocate in the fight against police brutality wastes no time to deliver a  message on “Dancing in the Streets.”  Vic raps,  “If the law don’t kill me first, the doors commit suicide/ They gon’ shoot me if I don’t or if I do comply.” Powerful words on a serious issue in today’s world. “Dark Things” and “In Some Trouble” were two of my favorite songs on here and on both tracks we got to see Vic’s versatility all whiles being gifted with a Ty Dolla $ign feature! On “Dark Things,” a track where Vic shares his struggles with mental health and addiction. With emotion filled clever lines such as “Fuck the pain away, beat it like a 808,” along with, “I need you to love me like I never loved me,” he’s able to tap into feelings of loneliness and desperation that come with these struggles. He definitely gave a part of him and his deepest of emotions to listeners. So I have no clue what you all will feel when you read these next two sentences. Vic Mensa and Ty Dolla $ign are that dynamic duo that we didn’t know we needed and a joint EP is needed ASAP. These two have no misses on their collaboration tracks that many people clearly love. “In Some Trouble” was a great song that may get slept on but I believe is a smash hit. There were a few tracks that were kind of just fillers for this EP. “Reverse” and “Rowdy” just had rather weak lyrics but the energy was there. Both songs seem they were for the radio. One being a radio hit in “Reverse” featuring G-Eazy.

Vic Mensa delivers a project with a few bland moments. But those “bland moments” are in the shadow of this EP’s highlights! He gave us an honest and emotional driven project that shed light on important real life issues such as addiction, police brutality and mental health by telling authentic stories from his experience. Whether or not you agree, Vic Mensa is an important voice in today’s rap industry and I applaud him on his efforts on ‘Hooligans’.  Expecting a BIG 2019 from Ghanaian brethren! SALUTE. 


RATING: 8/10

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