Michael Jordan: The reasoning for Jordan at one is because he’s Michael Jordan.
Stats: 30.1 PTS, 5.3 ASTS, 6.2 REB, 49.7% FG%, 2.3 STLS
Accolades: 6X Champ, 6X FMVP, 5X MVP, 11X All NBA, 9X All Defense, 14X All-Star, 10X Scoring Leader


5B1EAFFC-0AA4-41A7-95C9-BC0120BCAEA6Kobe Bryant: No one in NBa history has done a better Michael Jordan impersonation, or who’s game most compares to his Airness. But that is exactly what Kobe is a comparison he’s 2nd to Jordan and virtually nobody debates that.
Stats: 25.0 PTS, 5.2 Reb, 4.7 ASTS, 44.7% FG%, 1.4 STLS
Accolades: 5X Champ, 2X FMVP, 1X MVP, 2X Scoring Champ, 18X All-Star, 12X All-Defense, 15X All NBA


Dwyane Wade: One of the best SG’s to ever play the game, Wade is one of the best defensive guards of all time and is only 32 blocks from passing Jordan All-Time on the blocks list for SG’s to have the most all time. He should have way more All-Defensive selections than he got. He also won a championship and Finals MVP prior to having another MVP joining in his team and finding a way to change his role and win a few more titles. He is the clear cut 3rd best SG on this list for the next few years at least.
Stats: 22.3 PTS, 4.7 Reb, 5.5 ASTS, 48.1% FG%, 1.6 STLS, 0.9 BLKS
Accolades: 3X Champ, 1X FMVP, 3X All-Defense, 12X All-Star, 8X All-NBA, 1X Scoring Champ


Klay Thompson: This is the biggest question mark people have in this list, and the argument im going to make is simple. Klay is a 3X Champion and could very easily win his fourth this season in 5 years and only be 29 at that point. Shooting ages well and while he is in a slump to start the season its hard to argue he has consistently scored 20+ while being a 3rd option on his team. Also if you go back the Warriors refused to trade Klay for Love because of the growth he had shown. Klay is a spot up shooter because his ram has out other great talent around him. But you can’t say its not fair how great the warriors are and that KD joined a 73 Win team without giving the members of that team their due. Klay is a huge part of what the Warriors do and if you take him off the Warriors they have won at least one less most likely 3 less NBA titles. The last four years of basketball would be drastically different had the warriors traded Klay to the t-wolves in the summer prior to cavs vs Warriors part one.
Stats: 19.3 PTS, 3.5 Reb, 2.3 ASTS, 45.7% FG%, 41.6% 3P%, 6.9 3PA, 0.9 STLS
Accolades: 3X Champ, 4X All-Star, 2X All-NBA, (73-9)


Allen Iverson: Iverson led a team to an nba finals appearance and took a lead in that series before losing. And while you could argue Harden literally did the exact same thing against Lebron he wasn’t the driving factor in that. Iverson Also Win an MVP and had a bigger impact on NBA fans and basketball so far than Harden has. Granted most of that is because Hardens career isn’t over.
Stats: 26.7 PTS, 6.2 ASTS, 3.2 REBS, 42.5% FG%, 2.2 STLS
Accolades: 11X All-Star, 1X MVP, 4X Scoring Champ, 3X Steal Champ, 7X All-NBA


James Harden: The reason he is below Iverson Is because his career isn’t over. He’s already 6th on this list and his career is far from over and he’s gaining fast. His peak was way higher than AI’s peak, however harden isn’t as accomplished yet. But he will in no time at all, and will pass Iverson with ease. Take a look at stats and accolades and see for yourself.
Stats: 23.5 PTS, 5.1 REB, 6.2 ASTS, 44.3% FG%, 1.5 STLS
Accolades: 6X All-Star, 1X MVP, 1X Scoring Champ, 1X Assist Champ, 5X All-NBA


Ray Allen: Allen gets the nod over Clyde by the slimmest Of margins mostly due to the fact he leads in championships and at least until Curry and Klay shatter his record leads the NBA All-Time in 3PM. He also gets a nod because of of his rings he was vital in his role, where he hit a record number of 3’s against the Lakers during his time in Boston, as well as hitting a 3 to force OT in G6 where the Heat go on to win the series and his second ring.
Stats: 18.9 PTS, 4.1 REB, 3.4 ASTS, 45.2% FG%, 40% 3P%, 5.7 3PA, 1.1 STLS
Accolades: 2X Champ, 10X All-Star, 2X All-NBA


Clyde Drexler: Drexler was another great SG and did manage to get. His line championship in a year in which Jordan was retired. Other than that his era and position was dominated by Jordan, he’s not the greatest at any one thing but he was an all around great player with high efficiency. However just looking at career stats mixed with accolades and any context we want to put in the situation this seems like an appropriate spot.
Stats: 20.4 PTS, 6.1 REB, 5.6 ASTS, 47.2% FG%, 2.0 STLS
Accolades: 10X All-Star, 5X All-NBA, 1X NBA Champ


George Gervin: Never having won an NBA championship while Drexler having the edge in some of the stat categories i have to give the edge to Drexler. The All-NBA and All-Star selections are close enough that i think the NBA title outweighs the scoring titles.
Stats: 25.1 PTS, 5.3 REB, 2.6 ASTS, 50.4% FG%, 1.2 STLS
Accolades: 12X All-Star, 4X Scoring Champ, 7X All-NBA


Reggie Miller: Miller doesn’t have the accolades or championships that these other players have. He was much higher on this list when he was leading the league all-time in 3-PT shooting. Now at least 3 people since then have passed him on our all-time list. Two of which are still active and have careers far ahead of Miller already.
Stats: 18.2 PTS, 3.0 REB, 3.0 ASTS, 47.1% FG%, 39.5% 3P%, 4.7 3PA, 1.1 STLS
Accolades: 5X All-Star, 3X All-NBA

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