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2018 saw the start of the JBA or the Junior Basketball Association, a basketball league created by Lavar Ball as an alternate to college basketball for player who wanted to play pro basketball. First, the JBA held tryouts and conducted a two part regular season with 8 teams of 8 players, these teams were based out of LA, Seattle, New York, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.

After the regular season, the JBA conducted a single elimination play off with three rounds to decide the JBA league champions, and ultimately LA (Lamelo and Liangelo’s team) won the first ever JBA championship. However, that was not the end for the JBA in 2018. After the conclusion of the JBA season Lavar took 14 of the best players from the JBA on a world wide tour.

After playing many teams across Europe, Lavar ended the JBA USA tour early, before their Asian tour began, and shortly after news broke out that the JBA would not come back for season 2. So what do we expect from Lavar Ball’s JBA league in 2019? will they end altogether, or will there be more to come?

In 2019 I expect Lavar to have players, either from season 1 of the JBA or new players altogether go on more international tours. With news that season 2 is unlikely to happen, there is still hope the JBA league is not dead. With built in fan-bases in Europe and Asia, the JBA can still mentor young basketball players, while making a profit they may not have seen in the US version of the league.

With news that Jordan Ray has both declared for the 2019 NBA Draft and has been invited to the 2019 NBA combine, there is real proof that the JBA can be a success, and with other players likely to play professionally overseas the JBA has truly helped aspiring young basketball players

We can only hope Lavar feels the same way an decides to continue the JBA league in 2019, and if he is, get ready, because you will want to see every step of this journey.

Below enjoy some of the best plays the JBA had to offer us in 2018.

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  1. I think it is awesome that Mr. Ball has created unique opportunities for young men to excel in their crafts and get recognition, experience unique competition on professional level, as well as networking and showcasing their talents on a special platform.

  2. The JBA was garbage and consisted of players who weren’t ever going to suit up for a D-1 team. I could have predicted the league’s death even before the first tipoff.

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