1. Giannis
The bucks have been amazing up this point with the most wins in the league over quality opponents. Their length and defense is being matched by offensive production. Giannis is a big part of that as he’s averaging 26-12.5-6.5-1.7-1.7 and have beaten plenty of good teams at home and on the road. If the Bucks can keep this up all season long he may very well secure his first MVP.

Mavericks Lakers Basketball

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Dallas Mavericks Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

2. Lebron
Then there’s Lebron who has the Lakers on pace to 50 games this year and make the playoffs for the first time in years. Who averaging a simple 28-7-7 in his 16th nba season, while averaging the most 4th quarter points in the NBA. He’s also off to his hottest start for a new team through 30 games and i see no sign of that slowing down. Going down Christmas Day and having his team lose 2 games following helps his case to some degree if he can get back into the lineup sooner rather than later. The Lakers would need to be a top 3 seed for the media narrative to give Lebron the MVP award.


3. Jokic
The Nuggets have had injuries all year long but you wouldn’t know that looking at their first place Record in the West. As Jokic has been a steady force for them doing whatever his team needs to win. Averaging 18-10-7.5 Jokic is putting up numbers we haven’t seen from the Center position in decades. He has a legitimate case for MVP if the Nuggets finish a top 2 seed in the West.


4. Kawhi
Kawhi has also missed time much like curry, but the raptors have actually performed well in his absence. Not exactly helping his MVP case, especially if he continues to miss time the rest of the NBA season. But aside from missing time in the Court he has been amazing in a raptors uniform.


BA5EE66A-A262-4DA4-BDA4-C758A4D91D495. James Harden
Don’t look now but James Harden and the Rockets are surging with Chris Paul, and look primed to make another run at the Western Conference Finals with or without Chris Paul. CP3 recovering from injury just hadn’t been the same this season and after sufferening yet another pulled hamstring it doesn’t look good for Chris Paul and the rockets the next 3 1/2 years of Paul’s contract. Their championship window may have closed but with the way James Harden is playing; nobody has told him that.

6. Paul George
Paul George is taking over 4th Quarters for the Thunder as Westbrook takes a backseat to the two way star, who is lighting it up on both ends of the court. The thunder are also tied for the 2 seed currently and look primed to take on Golden State this year with their defensive ability. They haven’t played a ton of great teams yet so we will see how the year unfolds.

7. Curry
If curry hadn’t missed so much time he’d probably be number 2 on this list, however he is still getting some credit and will the rest of the season if he stays healthy for how poorly the warriors played while he was gone. That bodes well for Curry in the long run who is currently shooting over 50% from 3 on the season while shooting over 7 a game.

8. Jimmy Butler
Mine of the league leaders in 4th Quarter Scoring and that’s after taking a dip in Scoring as he arrived on the 76ers as Embiid is still trying to be the man and take shots at the end of the game, when clearly the offense needs to run through Butler. The 76ers role players also haven’t played well enough to start the year to have a 76er any higher on this list, if their shooters can get hot you could see the 76ers jump straight up the East standings by seasons end to the number one seed.

9. Kyrie Irving
Kyrie has been great in the clutch this season but his team has lost too many games to good teams at home while not having won enough marquee games to really make us think the Celtics are the contenders we all promised ourselves they would be with Hayward and Kyrie returning. They are still a formidable team and could be a tough out in the playoffs, but the Bucks despite Giannis shooting woes are long, athletic, and efficient on every end of the court.

10. Anthony Davis
The pelicans record is horrible and if they can somehow squeak out the eighth seed he would have the slimmest of chances at MVP because of his insane stats, but in all honestly without the Bucks faltering it seems Giannis is poised to be at the very top of these rankings the entire season no matter what any player on this list does the rest of the season, it is becoming Giannis and the Bucks award to lose.

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