For weeks now we have heard rumors of Jordan Ray joining the 2019 NBA Draft pool, and today Ray made it official in a twitter post starting the next chapter of his career. Weeks ago we heard he was invited to the 2019 combine and clearly a talent of his stature has a future in the league, in June we will most likely hear his name called on draft night.

Ray is the first JBA player to announce he is declaring for the draft, which could set in motion players like Je’Rell Springer and Curtis Hollis joining as well. We wont know until June how NBA teams view the players of the JBA, but Ray has proven on multiple levels of play he is true professional and has great potential, with his unlimited Steph Curry like range, with a build and stature similar to the Warriors star when he came out of College. If he believes it is his time, then I’m sure NBA teams and scouts feel the same way.

Jordan Ray would certainly be a good fit on multiple NBA teams for his microwave shooting ability and play making but I believe that the Phoenix Suns are the best possible destination for him, they are in need of a play making guard, and Ray fits the bill. He has the size, shooting, and play making that any team could use and could also find a great home to play in Dallas, Miami, New York, and Golden State, all teams that lack or could use more of what he brings.

Jordan Ray is a fantastic player and if drafted he will bring talent and coverage to the JBA league that we haven’t seen before, so the question is, will we hear Jordan Ray’s name called on draft night?


Jordan Ray Previously divulged to us that he would be attending the 2019 NBA Draft Combine ↓↓↓↓↓

JBA Star Jordan Ray Invited to 2019 NBA Draft Combine

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