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Lamelo Ball, as we know is one of the best and most well known high school basketball players of all time, but after a year in which he has played in two professional leagues and then gone back to high school, one question needs to be asked, where will he take his tremendous talent next?

Lamelo Ball, if allowed in the NCAA, will have his choice of collegiate basketball programs, or could even play in the NBA G-League or the JBA, but where will he go? and what is his best option?

As we know, Lamelo Ball is a player that surprises us with each decision he makes, which seems to mean that being the first player out of high school in the G-League would be an interesting option for him, but as we know, the collegiate system is the way things are run right now, so what should he do?


If Lamelo were to take his talents to the NCAA all eyes would be on him, scouts, fans, and NBA players alike would all have their eye on him for one reason or another. There have been rumors of Michigan being after him, and of course teams like Duke and Kentucky are sure to want him as well, so he clearly has many options if he were to take this path.

College would keep Lamelo right in the spotlight where he has always been, but it would be the path people expect, so maybe he wants to shake the system for yet another time.


This is the path that just seems like Lamelo and Lavar would prefer, this path would once again change the way that high school basketball players can make their way to the NBA, and would have Lamelo, once again, playing against true professionals. So why would Lamelo not want to take this path? The answer is the same reason he went back to high school, Lamelo wants to play with his peers and his friends, he enjoys playing the game with and against people of his own age, which may just make him want to go to school again.


Lamelo spent the majority of this year playing in his fathers Junior Basketball Association, playing young professionals and pros overseas as well. With Lamelo i believe this is his safest option, going back and doing what he has already done, but i dont believe he wants this, thats why he left the JBA tour to go back to school, because he wanted to be in the US playing peers. But of course, the JBA made Lamelo the player he is now, a triple double machine, and could very well prepare him best for the NBA.

Whether Lamelo decides to go to college, the G-League, or back to the JBA he will likely be picked in the lottery of the 2020 NBA draft, if not number 1 overall, but still it will be interesting to see whether Lamelo decides to once again to change the basketball world or to sign on for one of the best college programs in the country.


What do you think he will decide?

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