The Ex- One Direction star was slated to release a debut  album but he has gone through a lot of life changing events in the last few months. He’s now  a father and he went through a break-up from his girlfriend of over two years, Cheryl Cole. Those are definitely some of real life changing events I would think. Though going through the course of life, Liam still shows he clearly loves his fans. On Friday August 24th, he announced and released a four-track EP called ‘First Time’.

A short EP means a short review. That being said, i’ll make this very brief and direct. Liam Payne came through and delivered with this pleasant surprise that is ‘First Time’. Liam showcases his maturity and diverse range of sounds. Each track on here displays well-written lyrics and shows Liam’s versatility in making music in multiple genres. Liam Payne has come a long way since his debut track ‘Strip That Down’ (Real Talk). I loved that he was able to give us some insight into his personal life, mainly his relationships since many always seemed to be concerned with his love life. 

On the title track “First Time,” which features French Montana, we get a Latin-infused  groove.  This reminded me of Liam’s collab with Colombian singer J Balvin on “Familiar.”  “Home With You” is a track that I’m surprised has grown on me as of recent. But then again, is it much of a surprise? This track seems to be one of the most underrated songs on this EP. This track is like that pleasant surprise track that you’ve probably skipped over but its really a hit! On track three Liam takes a different direction with the somewhat soulful piano ballad that is “Depend On It.”  Here Liam gets brutally honest with his lyrics such as, “There’s still a thread left, if I could just hold on, onto unraveling hope, give it one last go.” He also showcases his powerful vocals that should keep critics quiet. Mainly those critics from his One Direction days that said he “couldn’t sing for shit.” This track was a bit of a tearjerker for sure if you can relate and or currently feel what Liam was feeling on this track. ‘Slow’, the last song in the four-track EP, is an electric  groovy tune with heavy synths, that couldn’t have been a better way to close out this EP. 

‘First Time’ is a COMPLETE EP. We got four songs that all sound different and showcased Liam Payne’s versatility and talent. He also managed to stay very honesty with his music. He gave us an insight to his love life through his own eyes. Liam being able to genre hop is something that isn’t easy to do. ‘First Time’ shows that the pure vocal talent and versatility to deliver diverse sounds is present. Liam’s future is bright and I’ll be checking to see what a full length project sounds like. Should be a treat! 

Rating: 8.7/10

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