There are so many acts in today’s hip hop market. Harlem’s very own, Dave East, demands attention in this overcrowded market. ‘P2’ is the sequel to last year’s exquisite release, ‘Paranoia: A True Story’. On ‘P2’ the Nas co-sign carries on that New York rap tradition that true hip hop fans LOVE and WISH THERE WERE WAS MORE OF.

Immediately, Dave gives us an intro track that sets the tone of ‘P2’. “Talk Big” literally covered more ground than what many “rappers” 12 track mixtape would cover. This song has had ridiculous replay value for me and I’ve listened to it more and more as of late. Things do not slow down after this excellent first track as he reinforces his street persona on cuts like “Powder” and “I Can Not.” East also gets personal on “Corey” and on “I Found Keisha” he offers depth that you can really feel through a quite graphic story. It’s this kind of depth that is missing in a lot of artist music today.

The content on ‘P2’ was great and the production complimented Dave’s raps perfectly. There were a few tracks I wasn’t too crazy about such as “Thank You” and the super radio-reach “Woke Up” with Tory Lanez. I also was a little disappointed in the Lloyd Banks featured track “Violent.” All in all Dave East delivers once again with ‘P2’ and with back to back hard hitting mixtapes with Paranoia I and II, East commands way more attention. Stop faking “Hip Hop” fans.

Rating: 8.8/10

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Favorite Tracks: Talk to Big, Corey, I Can Not and I Found Keisha

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