Last week, YG’s highly anticipated third studio album, ‘Stay Dangerous,’ was released! After week one the numbers are in…. ‘Stay Dangerous’ did 55.5K first week! Is this good? I’m not sure but he met his projected amount! I am very surprised the projection numbers weren’t larger. ‘Stay Dangerous,’ the follow up 2016’s ‘Still Brazy,’ is equipped with 15 tracks with guest appearances from Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, A$AP Rocky, Jay 305, Quavo, Ty Dolla $ign, Mozzy & NBA Youngboy. DJ Mustard returns to handle production along with TM88, MP 808, and J Holt, just to name a few. I AM SO EXCITED TO GET A CHANCE TO REVIEW THIS PROJECT! I LOVE YG! Lets Get It!!!

Tracklist and Song Ratings

  1. 10 TIMES (4.3/5)
  2. BULLETPROOF Feat. Jay 305 (4.4/5)
  3. HANDGUN Feat. A$AP Rocky (4.5/5)
  4. SUU WHOOP (4.5/5)
  6. TOO COCKY (5/5)
  7. BIG BANK Feat. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj (5/5)
  8. POWER Feat. Ty Dolla $ign (4.5/5)
  9. SLAY Feat. Quavo (3.4/5)
  10. 666 Feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again (4.4/5)
  11. TOO BRAZY Feat. Mozzy (4.3/5)
  12. PUSSY MONEY FAME (2.5/5)
  13. DEEPER THAN RAP (4/5)
  15. BOMPTOWN FINEST (4.5/5)

I’ll be honest. Before doing this review I read a few other reviews just because I’ve always been interested  in hearing others opinions on new music before I started blogging. I was really curious to hear what people thought of this project. What I kept seeing  was absolute BS on every site and it had me furious. So here I am to give you a little  more of an accurate review of ‘Stay Dangerous’. YG gave us sounds from both ‘My Krazy Life’ and ‘Still Brazy’ all whiles showcasing his versatility. So with two excellent studio albums under his belt you could expect a possible step back. YG gave us both versions of himself.  On ‘Stay Dangerous’ we get YG the story teller from “My Krazy Life” and YG the hit maker that can’t miss. Also, after a couple listens I viewed this album as having three parts to it.

Off the rip, YG gets things started with the heavy hitting “10 Times.” Introductions are always important and this track gets things started off the right way.  Immediately after hearing this song and knowing the singles released, I had an idea where YG was going with this album. The next track “Bulletproof” seems to be an ode to his studio shootout he was involved in a few years back. This track features a very fitting verse from Jay 305. The transition from “Bulletproof” to the A$AP Rocky featured track “Handgun” is beyond FLAWLESS. I can’t fake y’all. This collab was way out of left field for me! Oddly enough, this combination worked out quite nicely and I know its a song a lot of people enjoy. On “Suu Whoop” and “Cant Get In Kanada” YG gets real and talks gang banging briefly and reps his set. To close out this first third of the album, DJ Mustard flips Right Said Fred’s “Too Sexy”  to create “Too Cocky.” This was one of my favorite songs on the album.  This first section was what I really love YG for. He  gives us those hard hitting bangers that just have you thinking YG is your spirit animal upon his delivery on every track. 

So these next few tracks served a purpose in my opinion. The middle section definitely was filled with tracks that were seen as the most marketable. “Power” and “Slay” were attempts from YG to get him a chart topper all whiles creating a hit geared for the ladies. I personally thought “Power” was a great track! Ty and YG go way back and they still have this special chemistry on tracks every time they link up. As for “Slay” ? Trash. One of the lead singles was that hit track YG was looking for. “Big Bank” which featured Hip Hop’s “Best Feature Killers” in Big Sean, 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj was a smash hit and that’s what really generated the hype for this release. A surprise highlight to close out section two of ‘ Stay Dangerous’  is “Too Brazzy” that is topped off by one of the best features this year from Sacramento’s very own Mozzy.

As we arrive to the final third of ‘Stay Dangerous’, we arrive to tracks that carry some  of  the most personal bars we’ve ever gotten from YG. YG does give his listeners an inside look into his life but not like this! On “Deeper Than Rap” YG all of a sudden becomes vulnerable as he raps about fatherhood and about his daughter not being able to see him all the time. This moment is big because you see YG’s progression as not just an artist being able to dig deep and get personal but you see his growth as a man and father. This rapper life is crazy and its great to always hear rap fathers put emphasis on their number one priority being their child or children. With “Bompton’s Finest” to close out this album, YG ends things of with reflection as he talks about making it from nothing to real life problems between him and his family, most notably DJ Mustard. 

‘Stay Dangerous’ should not be compared to ‘Still Brazy’ or ‘My Krazy Life’.  But since its what the masses want to do fine lets do it. ‘Stay Dangerous’  might be a step down from his first two projects but it for damn sure IS NOT a step back for YG.  It’s clear that ‘Stay Dangerous’ has some spots brighter than others, but in my HONEST OPINION  YG delivers one of the hardest hitting albums of 2018. 

Rating: 7.7/10

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