I don’t mind stating the obvious. I’m pretty damn late on reviewing this project. What’s important is that I am here now and ready to tackle a Weeknd project that seemed to be loved by all my peers. Anyways, The Weeknd returned to the scene back in late March with his six-track EP “My Dear Melancholy.” When he first appeared back in 2011, he dropped three amazing mixtapes that have turned out to be timeless and still loved by many! We knew pretty much nothing about him back then. He was just an artist who wanted to make great content and did not care for mainstream success. So now lets fast forward to 2017. A lot has changed with The Weeknd. We learned his identity as Abel Tesfaye. Also, this once mysterious and shy individual a red carpet star with two smash crossover pop albums, 2015’s ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ and 2016’s  Daft Punk-featuring ‘Starboy’. On top of that he has had a couple high profile relationships. OH! How could i forget? He also has his own label, XO Records. On “My Dear Melancholy,” we see The Weeknd looping back to that that dark gloomy aesthetic sound that caught our attention.

Tracklist and Song Ratings

  1. CALL OUT MY NAME (4.3/5)
  2. TRY ME (4.5/5)
  3. WASTED TIMES (5/5)
  4. I WAS NEVER THERE (4/5)
  5. HURT YOU (5/5)
  6. PRIVILEGE (4.4/5)

My Dear Melancholy is a solid project that gives “true fans” the feels from when The Weeknd first busted on to the scene. From track to track you can’t help  but to feel the deep emotions that are generated from this project. This six song EP revolves around heartbreak and anger which comes to no surprise following his Selena break up and prior to their relationship, the split between he and Bella Hadid. 

 On “My Dear Melancholy ” Abel owns the “heartbroken jerk” persona. There were plenty of extremely petty and personal lyrics that could be felt by any listener who has ever experienced heartbreak. The Weeknd was able to use his pain into making an amazing EP. In my opinion this could be his most FOCUSED project since “House of Ballons.” 

Two Songs that I really enjoyed were “Wasted Times” and “Hurt You.” Wasted Times was a song that was very Drake esque but here we find The Weeknd doing Drake better than Drake. (Confirmation that The Weekend DEFINITELY wrote some of our favorite emo Drake tracks for him lol) On here, The Weeknd makes subtle references to his high profile relationships with Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez from the past. Abel sounded great on here as he sings out his frustrations. This song solely focuses on his regrets and faults.

“Hurt You” is that song that comes on late at at night on shuffle that might make you f*cking cry. Straight Up! The Weeknd starts the song by saying relationships are his enemy. The song is more uptempo than the other tracks on the album but the lyrics remain dreary and somber. Maybe I should stop talking about this song before I shed a tear myself. 

I had no real issues with this project. There were apparent contributors on this project in  Nicolas Jaar and Gesaffelstein but I guess The Weekend’s style overpowered them and had the two contributors on mute. I did mention this EP had that classic Weeknd sound but I was surprised that their wasn’t a song on here that could be seen as a smash hit single but, they were all of great quality. 

Anyways to wrap things up, This project was a bit thin but its purpose was to serve as an EP and it was released unannounced. “My Dear Melancholy” has cohesion which is good. Thematically this EP surrounds heartbreak with a focus on regret, remorse and reflection. I keep mentioning classic Weekend because this project really does bring back this nostalgic feeling but its just not like The Weeknd’s early projects  “House of Balloons” or “Echoes of Silence.” I really enjoyed this project and it has me curious in what direction The Weeknd will be headed in for his next album. The Starboy may be drifting from the bright lights and returning  to darkness, a place where his music always thrived. 


Rating: 8.2/10

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