I’m a JT STAN but I promise I will not let it show too much in this short review. ‘Man Of The Woods’ is a project that shows Justin Timberlake getting back to being super creative with his sound. His fifth solo album is a funk-filled, country laced experiment that many people were unsure about upon its release. Here’s my take.

Musically I love this project. I love how Justin Timberlake continues to stay dedicated to the Timbaland/Neptunes production that made him one of the biggest male pop stars of his generation. The experimentation is this country, blues and folk sound that is incorporated. We basically end up with this pop country project that pays homage to the sounds many love in country music and it creates a unique crossover between many different genres.

Man of the Woods is easily the least cohesive project by JT which is definitely a disappointment. Especially since this is the same guy who gave us a thriller with 2002’s ‘Justified,’ the EDM found-dated art pop smash album that is 2006’s ‘Futuresex/Lovesounds’ and the two disc high octane smooth grooves in 2013’s ’20/20 Experience.’

Man of the Woods takes a while to settle into a rural core but then it seems to kinda shift back to its original funk felt sound and jumps back to country vibes. Content wise I’d say Man of the Woods has its high and lows but overall its not bad but it isn’t great. This album was also dedicated to family so there are songs where you feel the emotions he probably felt recording, especially if you find yourself relating to it. I could get into details and give y’all a more through breakdown but there’s no time for that when you’re procrastinating to get posts off. So I’ll close with this.

‘Man of The Woods’ is probably his most experimental project to date since 2006’s ‘Futuresex/Lovesounds’, which is a CLASSIC. Justin fails to deliver a classic with ‘Man of The Woods’. But, Justin does leaves us  with a messy, yet creative body of work that can be played at a Barnyard Disco Party, if there is such a party that would occur. 

Rating: 7.7/10

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Favorite Tracks:  “Midnight Summer Jam”, “The Hard Stuff”, “Say Something”, “Montana” and “Man of the Woods”

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