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Lamelo Ball and Spire Academy put on yet another show tonight beating Potter’s House 95-84, an expected resulted because Spire are a far superior team. Ball put up 25 Points, 10 Rebounds, and 5 Assists in yet another dominant performance for him on the high school stage. He did have help in this one from one Spires other superstars, Isaiah Jackson scored 27 Points, had 10 Rebounds and 3 Assists. In a surprising turn of events, Rocket Watts scored just 5 points on 2-7 shooting, his worst performance of the season.

The big three for Spire were not all on their game tonight which is a bit of a surprise given how talented they are, here we present grades on how they performed tonight and how that could effect the next game vs. West Oaks

Lamelo Ball: A-

Lamelo put on another show tonight, proving just how much better he is than every other high school player in the country. Not only did he put on a show as a scorer, but he rebounded at a high level and had 6 steals, showing his growth i the last year on the defensive end. The only thing that Lamelo lacked tonight was his well known playmaking, not that 5 assists is bad, but we can expect more from a player of his class.

For their next game, not much should change for Lamelo, because he always performs at a high level the expectation for Lamelo should remain the same. He has to go out and dominate yet again, with over 20 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists, it is reasonable to believe he can average a triple double this season.

Rocket Watts: D

Rocket Watts should be expected to average 20 points per game, tonight though he scored just 5 on 2-7 shooting, showing their may be inconsistencies to his game. Despite this, he did have 5 assists to help partly make up for his horrid display as a scorer.

In the next game he will need to make a statement vs West Oaks, scoring over 2o is now a prerequisite if he wants to prove his doubters wrong. If he has hopes of reaching the NBA, he must be able to score consistently.

Isaiah Jackson: A

Isaiah Jackson was at the peak of his powers tonight, He was 12-18 from the floor with 27 points and 10 rebounds, as well as 2 blocks on the defensive end. He was nearly flawless tonight, proving just why he is a 5 star recruit. As time goes by its become more clear that he is the second best player on Spire, because he just has the consistency we havent seen in Rocket Watts.

In their next game Spire play West Oaks, another team that they are superior to, but a team that should provide more of a challenge than Potter’s House. I expect Spire to win by more than 10 points given the starters play all 4 quarters. Spire have again proven that they are one of the best high school teams n the country.


Watch the Game Live to see for yourself, at the link below. Stream will begin tomorrow 8:30 PM CT.


2 Comments on “Recapping Spire Academy vs Potter’s House

  1. I noticed y’all just cannot seem to give LaMelo Ball a solid “A”. This game you gave him an “A-“. The game last night (12-21) you gave him a “B”. It’s obvious he is not trying to score 30 points a game as he did with JBA USA. He does not have to because of the good teammates. It’s sad you cannot recognize the assists, steals, and other contributions. The game is not just about the number of points one individual scores. Rather all components combined that helps get the win. There have been games the other teams focused so much on guarding Melo, they forgot to guard Jackson, Watts, and Gardner. So those 3 had huge games. Give the boy some credit. It’s bad enough his dad went off on him the last few episodes of Ball in the Family. He needs encouragement and “respectful” critique. Melo is just 17 years old. The past 2 years y’all have torn into him worse than you write articles when NBA players who really mess up play. By the way, in this game, Lamelo also had 5 steals to go along with those 5 assists. I’m just saying…

    • Everything we cover is respectful, and we are grading him fairly because we have higher expectations for his abilities. Have complete faith he will have plenty of A+ grades, but we just have to call it like we see it. and we cover him more in depth than nba players because he is a bigger draw than most nba players.

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